#0272: Chuckles




1985 may have been the year that set the standard for GI Joe: A Real American Hero, but 1987 also proved to be an important year for the line. 1987 marked the release of GI Joe: The Movie, a full length theatrical film which tied into the Sunbow animated series. The movie introduced a few new recruits to the line, and the toys followed suit, bringing all but one of those recruits to the line proper. Today, I’ll be taking a look at one of those recruits, Chuckles. Chuckles is an infiltration and intelligence specialist; essentially a spy. He also likes Hawaiian shirts!


ChucklesWilsonChuckles was released as part of the 6th series of GI Joe: A Real American Hero, which was distributed in 1987. The figure is 3 ¾ inches tall and features 14 points of articulation, all standards for the line. Chuckles featured an all new sculpt, which was only used for this particular figure. The sculpt doesn’t have the detail of Flint or the elegant simplicity of Snake Eyes, but it’s not too bad. The head seems a bit strange, especially the ears, which have an odd shape to them. The rest of the sculpt is fine. Nothing incredibly impressive, but far from the worst the line had to offer. The paint work on Chuckles is somewhat basic, but it’s all well applied, and the shirt in particular looks really great. Chuckles included a handgun and a holster, but mine was purchased loose without those pieces.


Like Flint and Snake Eyes, Chuckles was purchased at Yesterday’s Fun, a really cool toy store I visited with my family while on vacation last week. Just like Flint, I found Chuckles while looking through a box of vintage GI Joes trying to find Snake Eyes. I never owned a Chuckles figure, but I remember liking him in the movie. The figure was in pretty decent shape and was fairly inexpensive, so I figured I might as well go for it. He’s not my favorite Joe ever, but the figure is distinctive, so that’s cool.


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