#0273: Star Lord




In my review of NECA’s Caesar from Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, I mentioned the rarity of me reviewing a figure from a movie I hadn’t seen. Well, I’m doing it again. Guardians of the Galaxy is being released on August 1, which isn’t too far off, and the toys are just now starting to hit. As they did with Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Amazing Spider-Man 2, Hasbro is releasing a tie-in line of Marvel Legends Infinite Series for the movie. In contrast to those two lines, this series is mostly made up of characters from the movie, plus comic versions of Iron Man and Nova. Today, I’ll be looking at the main character of Guardians, Peter Quill aka Star Lord.


Star Lord was released as part of the Guardians of The Galaxy Marvel Legends Infinite Series. The figure stands about 6 inches tall and features 32 points of articulation. He’s based on Chris Pratt’s version of the character in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie, though thanks to Marvel wanting to tie the comics in with the movies, he also works as Star Lord in his most recent comicbook incarnation. They’ve gone with his long jacket look, which is the one he sports in most of the movie’s promotional material. As far as I can tell, Star Lord features a brand new sculpt, which isn’t shocking given the unique design of the character. The figure makes use of add-on pieces for his coat and backpack, though neither of these are removable. Initially, I was worried that the articulation would interfere with the look of the coat’s arms, but in person, they aren’t an issue. The sculpt has lots of nice detail work, and the proportions all look pretty good. The paint work on Star Lord is pretty good overall, although there are a few spots of slop, most noticeably on the eyes and hairline of the helmet. It’s not immediately obvious under normal inspection, but it is a bit annoying to see a great sculpt pulled back by poor paint application. Star Lord comes armed with a pair of his distinctive blaster guns, as well as an extra un-helmeted head, a Walkman, a pair of head phones, the strange sphere thing he’s seen stealing in the trailers, and the right arm of Groot, the Build-A-Figure for this series. It’s a great selection of accessories, and he holds the blasters, sphere and Walkman quite nicely. The un-helmeted head swaps out pretty easily, though sadly it only bears a passing resemblance to Chris Pratt. I think it’s the hair.

StarLord2StarLordWilsonStarLord4 StarLord3


I picked up Star Lord from Amazon, not long after they got the series in stock. Of the regular figures in the series, Star Lord was the one I was looking forward to the most. He’s a pretty impressive figure, and really fun to play around with. Add in a great selection of accessories, and you have a winner. The only real negative facing the figure is some unfortunate paint application. If Hasbro can work on reining that in, their figures would truly be top notch.

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