Guest Review #0010: Wheatley and Turret



Wheatley1 Turret

HA! I knew someone was alive in there! Welcome back, everybody, to the final review of action figures in the Portal 2 series. It is a sad day, BUT also a great one! Today, I will be reviewing the small ones in the bunch, the Aperture Science Turret™ and the cuddly Wheatley (Pre-Machiavellian Transformation)!



TerretWilsonUp first is the Aperture Science Turret™ from NECA. These figure reviews have been released in order in which I received them, but since I got Wheatley the day of this review’s inception, Big Brother gave me the OK to do a review of both of them together. And since I got the Turret first (Or at the Same Time as Chell, because they were a joined birthday gift from Big Brother) he is up to be reviewed first!

Like I said before, this Turret is from the great minds at NECA! Many different incarnations of the Turret from Portal 2 have been made by other manufacturers, but this one is the cheapest, but one of the hardest to get. The Turrets were released in two waves (Open Turrets and Closed Turrets) with twelve different styles (The same styles, but, again, OPEN AND CLOSED). Here’s the catch though. You couldn’t buy what you wanted! You could buy either from wave one (closed) or wave Two (open), but they were bought at random for $6. This process of random figure buying is known as blind-boxing. This particular Turret is the plain, white, closed Turret from the 1st Wave of the Blind Box Turrets. This figure has NO articulation, but it doesn’t need any as, in the game, the Turrets can’t move on their own (except for their eyes, but that would be a very unnecessary and difficult articulation point). The paint job is perfect EXCEPT for the eye which has a little red run-off. Overall, for $6, this is a really great addition to my Portal 2 action figures and is really cool to pose and do stuff with.


WheatleyWilsonThis handsome son-of-a-gun is actually a KEYCHAIN/FLASHLIGHT. Yep. But he is in scale. So I bought him. DONE. In all seriousness, this is a VERY well-crafted figure. So here it goes.

Wheatley is an “intelligence” core that tries to help Chell escape from Aperture Science Laboratories in the video game Portal 2.  (SPOILERS AHEAD!!!) He later becomes the game’s second main antagonist and takes control of the facility only to be cast out into space. (SPOILERS OVER!!!) This figure was manufactured by ThinkGeek and retails for $8-10, but I snagged him for $6. Something about the number 6 is very relevant in Portal 2 Action FIgures….

This figure has an astounding 2 POINTS OF ARTICULATION and a blue LED Light for an eye. This figure also, like I said, acts as a keychain and a flashlight. Unlike the other characters in the Portal 2 series with LED Lights, Wheatley’s (because it is a flashlight) is VERY bright, as you can see below. The paint job is great and I can’t notice any blemishes. I really like this figure as a figure, but I wish there was an easier way to remove the keychain part.


I received these figures at different times. I got the Turret with Chell as a birthday gift from Big Bro and Wheatley off of ThinkGeek. I’ve wanted figures of both these characters for a long time and it is great to finally have them in my hands, EVEN WHEN THEY HAVE A GOSH DARN KEYCHAIN!!!

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