#0308: Star-Lord & Ronan




Okay, just one more Guardians of the Galaxy review you guys. Well, until the Minimates are released. And there’s rumors of a second series of the two lines Hasbro’s got. Okay, so one more for the time being. Anyway, the 2 ½ inch line from Hasbro has been an unexpected treat, I must say. I didn’t have super high expectations, but I was drawn in by the broader character selection. While the main Guardians may not be the most exciting figures, the line is really investing in those side characters! Today, I’ll be looking at Star-Lord and Ronan, the movie’s main hero and main antagonist, respectively.


This duo was part of the first, and currently the only, series of the 2 ½ inch Guardians of the Galaxy line. It’s currently the only way to get Ronan in non-Minimate form.


StarLord&RonanWilson1Wait a second, didn’t I just review this guy yesterday? Oh, a different version, you say? Yep, this is the long coated version of Star-Lord, which is the version that’s been seeing all the marketing. Surprisingly, it’s only in the first few minutes of the movie, which means it doesn’t actually fit with the rest of the characters (except for Korath). Still, it’s the look everyone’s associating with the character. The figure stands right at 2 ½ inches tall and features 5 points of articulation. The figure shares his arms and legs with the previous version of Star-Lord, which isn’t really that surprising. He gets a new torso, with his backpack sculpted on, plus a helmeted head, and an add-on piece to represent the bottom of his coat. These pieces all look pretty great, and seem accurate to the movie design. The helmeted head is definitely a step up from the unmasked one of the previous Star-Lord. Fortunately, the figures pop apart at each joint, so swapping the heads is no issue, should you so desire. The paint work on Star-Lord is a real improvement too. He’s got a fair number of details, and I’d say the paint on this mask is cleaner than the 6-inch version.



StarLord&RonanWilson2Ronan seemed like a pretty big omission from the 6-inch line, but he did find his way into this line. He’s right at the 2 ½ inch mark and he has, wait for it, 5 points of articulation. How about that? Ronan only had the one look (other than at the beginning when he was naked, but I don’t see that going onto a Target shelf…), so that’s the look they went with. He’s got an all new sculpt, and it’s a pretty good one. He has some nice heft to him, which fits the character, and his armor is all nice and detailed. The head is pretty good. It doesn’t scream Lee Pace, but it’s not bad given the scale. He’s got a few add-on pieces for his skirt-piece and his “cape”, both of which do their job nicely. The paint work on Ronan is actually quite detailed and it’s mostly free of any instance of bleed over or slop. He’s even got the properly painted hands that Gamora was so sadly lacking!

Like every other set in the line, this set comes packed with an accessory tree, and a missile launcher. The launcher is shaped like the big gun used by Star-Lord and Drax, so that’s cool. On the tree, is a hammer for Ronan, and some sort of blade for Star-Lord, as well as a missile, and something I can’t quite identify.



This was the third of the three sets of Guardians figures that were bought for me by Super Awesome Girlfriend. This is definitely the best of the three sets, though I don’t know if it quite tops Groot, Rocket & the Nova guy as my favorite set. This is definitely one of the most essential sets in the line, so I wouldn’t recommend passing it up. All in all, this line is pretty darn great. I don’t have all the figures yet (still need that Sakaar Trooper) but I love the set I have. I really hope Hasbro makes a few more of these, as I’d love to get Yondu, Nebula, and the Collector to round them out!


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