#0309: Amy Pond




Continuing the Guardians of the Galaxy theme, I’ll be moving on to a figure of one of the movie’s main baddies, Nebula. What’s that? …I’m being told there’s no Nebula figure. Ummm, well this is awkward. Hmmm. Perhaps I can arrange some sort of replacement! Wouldn’t you know it, Karen Gillan just so happens to have an action figure from another toyline? That sure is convenient!

Okay, so it’s actually just dumb luck that Amy was the next on my list of figures to review. I totally hadn’t realized until I sat down to write the intro that Karen Gillan was also in Guardians. That amused me. If nothing else, this site is here to amuse me. So, yes, today I’ll be looking at a figure of Amy Pond, the first companion of the 11th Doctor!


AmyPondWilsonAmy was released as part of the first series of 11th Doctor-themed figures in Underground Toys’ Doctor Who line. The figure stands roughly 5 inches tall and features 18 points of articulation. Amy had a few different appearances on the show, but the figure seems to be based on what she wore right after she started travelling with the Doctor. I don’t know specifically when she wore this, but it seems to properly capture the essence of Amy. Amy features an all-new sculpt, and it’s a pretty good one. The proportions on the body look pretty good, nothing being too exaggerated. The likeness of the sculpt seems to be pretty spot on to Karen Gillan, but it is a bit difficult to tell, thanks to the paint. Ah, the paint. If I had one real complaint about the figure, it would be the paint. It’s not bad, mind you. No, it stays in the lines, and offer some pretty good detail work. The biggest issue is that her skin tone just seems off. It’s got a sort of a greenish hue to it, which makes her seem unnatural. It doesn’t ruin the figure, but it makes her seem…off. Amy included no accessories, though given my experience with Doctor Who figures, this is no surprise.


So, in addition to what was brought up in the intro, there’s another connection between this figure and the Guardians figures. This figure also was given to me by Super Awesome Girlfriend! She’s the one that gets me all my Doctor Who stuff, and this was no exception. Although the 10th Doctor is my favorite version of the Doctor, Amy and Rory are my favorite companions. Sadly, Amy carries quite the hefty price tag on the aftermarket, which meant I didn’t think I’d be getting one anytime soon. While walking through the dealer’s room at Shoreleave, my girlfriend pointed out the figure for a reasonable price and seemed dead-set on me getting it. Eventually she gave up trying to convince me to buy it and just bought it for me. Because she’s awesome.


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