#0317: Secret Squirrel




“What an agent, what a squirrel. He’s got the country in a whirl. What’s his name? Shhh…Secret Squirrel!”

As I mentioned when I reviewed the Speed Racer figures, I’m quite a bit of an animation geek. When I was growing up, I spent many a day watching whatever was on Cartoon Network. So, I have quite an appreciation for the old Hannah-Barbera stuff. One of my favorite shows was Secret Squirrel. A few years ago, Jazwares picked up the license to do figures based on several Hannah-Barbera shows, and Secret Squirrel was among them.


SecretSquirrelWilsonSecret Squirrel was released as part of the smaller scale line of Hannah-Barbera figures from Jazwares. The figure stands about 3 inches tall and features 12 points of articulation if you count his flip-up hat and the arm contained within. It’s not often I comment on articulation, but I feel the need to here. Secret’s arm articulation is really odd. The elbows are hinged to move side to side, rather than forward and back, and even though his hands are separate pieces, there is no wrist movement at all. The figure features a unique sculpt. It’s not bad, and it actually follows Secret’s design pretty well. Sadly, the hands strike again, being oddly shaped, and mostly off model. It’s not too hard to overlook, but it’s annoying. The tail is quite obviously made from two separate pieces, which they’ve made no real effort to conceal. The pieces only sort of line up, leaving a pretty noticeable seam. The paint on Secret is okay, but nothing to write home about. There’s no noticeable slop, and the finish is mostly consistent, but there’s one or two areas of bleed over, and the paint is rather thick. Secret includes a pistol and a cameral that can connect to the arm in his hat. He can hold the pistol pretty well, but the camera has a tendency to fall off the arm a lot.


Secret Squirrel is a figure I picked up several times, but could never bring myself to buy. At full price, he just didn’t seem worth it. So, I figured I’d never get one. Recently, while walking through Toys R Us, I came across Secret again, this time marked down. Thanks to TRU’s crazy summer clearance, he was 90% off, which brought his price to a whopping $0.70! For that price, I couldn’t buy him fast enough! He’s not the greatest figure, but at that price, he’s more than worth it, especially to a fan of the show.


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