#0354: The Swashbuckler



The last few reviews have been a bit on the lengthy side, but fear not faithful readers, today’s will be on the shorter side.

Excluding Minimates, my favorite minifigure line (and most people’s favorite) is the LEGO Minifigure line. Usually, said Minifigures could only be gotten by buying one of LEGO’s sets, but in the last few years, LEGO’s had some success with their line of blind-packaged Minifigures. Today, I’ll be taking a look at the Swashbuckler from the most recent series of the line, which has just started hitting stores.


The Swashbuckler is figure #13 in Series 12 of LEGO Minifigures. He appears to be modeled after an Errol Flynn style adventure hero, which is a pretty classic type of character. The figure is about 2 inches tall and it features 7 points of articulation. The figure uses the basic LEGO body as the starting point, with a hat with a feather in it. The feather is a piece that’s been used a few times before, but the hat appears to be a new piece. They both work well for the desired look, so that’s good. The rest of the look is handled via painted details. He features detailing on his torso and face. The facial expression is pretty much perfect for the style of character they’re going for, so that’s good. The torso depicts a billowy shirt that is open to reveal his chest, which admittedly looks a bit cheesy. But, hey, that’s the style, right? The Swashbuckler includes a foil for proper swashbuckling, and the standard Minifigure display stand.


The Swashbuckler was picked up from Toys R Us, on the way back from going to the beach with my Super Awesome Girlfriend. I saw the display on the way to the register and pretty much grabbed two bags at random. The Swashbuckler is definitely one of the cooler figures in the series. It’s a somewhat cheesy look, but sometimes you have to be cheesy!

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