#0355: The Dino Hunter



Generally speaking, the figures in the LEGO Minifigures line are based on basic stock character ideas. Occasionally, they’ll break out into things that are slightly more genericized versions of popular characters, (such as the Barbarian, which appeared to be a take on the movie version of John Carter). More recently, they’ve also been using it to add additional figures to some of their in-house lines that aren’t in production anymore. That’s the case with today’s figure, the Dino Hunter.


The Dino Hunter is the 10th figure in the 12th series of LEGO Minifigures. The Dino Hunter is meant to be an additional teammate for the human characters in LEGO’s Dino line from 2011. There was only a single female character in that line, so this figure seems to be an attempt to avert the tokenism. The figure is about 2 inches tall and sports 7 points of articulation. The Dino Hunter is built using the standard LEGO body, with a sculpted hairpiece which looks to be new to her. It’s a nice piece, with a longer ponytail than the usual female hairpiece. The rest of the details are handled via paint, and they’re done very nicely. She features details on just about every piece, a rarity for LEGOs. The detail present on the figure is all really nice, and I love the little bits of damage here and there. The figure is rounded off with a bow/arrow, a needle (in the familiar Dino green), and the standard Minifigure stand.


Just like the Swashbuckler, the Dino Hunter was picked up from a Toys R Us on the way back from a beach trip with my Super Awesome Girlfriend. She just happened to be one of the two packs I picked up at random. I was a big fan of the Dino line, so I was thrilled to get this figure. Those were some pretty cool figures, and the Dino Hunter really takes it to the next level!

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