#0425: Unmasked Spider-Man



Hey, look, more Minimates! So, yeah, the next few days are going to be Minimates reviews. Not anything new, but the randomized list sometimes spits out a few of them in a row. Hope you guys don’t mind me rambling on some more about them….

So, for this review, I’m going was back into the early days of Marvel Minimates, back when the concept of what constituted a unique figure was rather different than what it is today. So, without further ado, I present Unmasked Spider-Man.


Unmasked Spider-Man was released in a two-pack with Doctor Octopus in Series 4 of Marvel Minimates. Ock is MIA, so it’ll just have to be Spidey this time. This figure’s shtick is exactly what it says on the tin: he’s a Spider-Man without the mask. Of course, nowadays the unmasked head is just an extra piece included with just about every Spider-Man, but back then figures had a lot fewer extras. The figure is about 2 ½ inches tall, and he features 14 points of articulation. He uses the standard body of the first 7 series, which it should be noted featured feet that were longer and had no peg holes for stands. It was a darker time. Anyway, the figure also features an add-on piece for the hair, which was sculpted specifically for this figure and never turned up anywhere else. It’s an okay piece, but it seems like it shrunk a bit compared to the prototype. It has a little trouble staying on, and it looks like he’s got a receding hairline. The figure’s paint is actually pretty great. From the neck down, he’s the same as the Series 2 Spider-Man, which set the standard for what the line could do. While the figure’s lack of any musculature dates him a bit, the weblines are nice and clean, and the go all the way around, which the current Spider-Men don’t tend to have. The face isn’t terrible, though he certainly looks angry about something. Unmasked Spider-Man included a backpack made out of webs, which is actually a pretty neat accessory.


Unmasked Spider-Man was one of my earlier Minimate purchases. I remember I hadn’t actually gotten a regular Spider-Man yet, so this one served as my basic Spider-Man for a while. In retrospect, it’s not the most exciting Minimate, but at the time I was particularly fond of this one. Truth be told, all of the early Spider-Men were pretty outstanding examples of what the line had the potential to be.

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