#0426: Jonathan Barnet & Nukpana



A few years ago, when Diamond was first starting to push Minimates as a brand with some serious legs, they decided to move beyond just releasing licensed product. They had some pretty significant success with their MAX Elite Heroes line, which offered generic police officers, firefighters, and divers, so they moved on to some more experimental lines, such as Calico Jack, a line of pirates. The line was a lot of fun, but it never really took off, sadly. Today, I’ll be looking at the two of the line’s figures, Jonathan Barnet & Nukpana.


These two were released as a two-pack in the first (and only) series of Calico Jack Minimates, which were carried exclusively at Toys R Us.


“Captain Jonathan Barnet, commander of the British Navy’s Man-O-War Albion, is a very formidable seaman and pirate hunter. Coming from a very well to do family, Captain Barnet holds tradition and the Crown in very high regard. He finds his time with Jack to be very distasteful.” Barnet is a take on the straight-laced Navy men that crop up a lot in Pirate stories (like a certain Admiral Norrington from a certain Disney movie). The figure is about 2 ½ inches in height and he features 12 points of articulation. He’s built on the standard Minimate body, with a special set of feet, as well as add-ons for his hat, coat/cape, and gloves. The boots first saw use on the Marvel Minimates Dark Avengers Ares figure, and the gloves showed up in the Captain America Through the Ages Set. The other pieces are new to this figure, and they are really impressive. There’s some very nice, ornate work, and it looks great. The figure’s paintwork is pretty good. The only detail line work is on the face, which has pretty much the perfect look for the uptight naval officer. The rest of the paint is basic color work, which is all pretty good. There’s some slop and a few fuzzy lines, but nothing too distracting. The figure was accessorized with a sword and a pistol, which are both very nicely sculpted.


“Nukpana is one of Captain Jonathan Barnet’s crew. The struggle against the pirate plague has been a long and deadly affair and one that at times requires a special skill set. Nakpana came to Britain via the new Colonies…” Nukpana is a cool looking character, who seems to be based on characters like Ishmael and the like (though he’s technically Native American). He’s roughly 2 ½ inches tall and he has 12 points of articulation. The figure uses the standard body, with a unique set of feet and a blade in place of his right hand, as well as add-ons for his loincloth, hair, and left wrist guard. All of these pieces are new to this figure and they’re all very well sculpted. They feature even more detail than the pieces on Barnet, and they look really great. Nukpana features some rather impressive paintwork as well. He’s got some pretty decent base paint work, though there’s a little slop here and there. The detail lines are really well done, and his face just exudes character. This guy is pissed off. To top it all off, he’s got some pretty awesome tattoos on his face, arms and torso that really make this figure stand out. Nukpana includes an extra gun attachment which can be traded out for the blade, which is the same great quality and offers some nice variety.


I picked up these two from TRU when the series was first released. I remember being pretty excited for the line and all the cool possibilities it offered. This set is a great example of just how great these figures were. The quality was there, the value was there, and the fun was there, but sadly, the fanbase wasn’t there.

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