#0458: Batman



Okay, so today and tomorrow I’ll be doing something a little different for the site. As I’m sure readers are aware, the reviews I post here are of my own personal collection. Of course, I do have the occasional guest review, but that’s still the owners reviewing their stuff. Today, I’ll be doing my first review of an action figure that isn’t mine.

I’m no stranger to Hot Toys figures, and I even have a rather large collection of them. However, in the last year or two I’ve had to move away from them. The figures are rather expensive, and they keep getting more so, to the point that I really couldn’t keep up. This meant missing out on a number of figures I’d been looking forward to, such as today’s subject, Batman.


Batman is part of Hot Toys’ Movie Masterpiece Series, and he’s figure MMS 218 in that particular line. Batman is roughly 12 inches in height and, according to the Sideshow website, he has 30 points of articulation. The figure is based on Adam West’s portrayal of Batman in the 60s TV show and movie. Going by the accessories, this is specifically based on the 1966 movie.

Let’s kick things off by looking at the head. Simply put, the head sculpt is phenomenal work. The cowl is an expert recreation of the one worn by West in the movie, down to the slightly droopy ears, and the underlying face is the spitting image of Adam West. The use of separate molded pieces makes it so that the figure has all the proper dimension, resulting in a sculpt that really looks like a guy wearing an actual mask. The paintwork is just as fantastic as the sculpt. Everything is incredibly clean, and the work on the skin makes him look like a miniaturized person. All of the detail work is done with the appropriate level of subtlety. The cowl has been painstakingly painted to match the actual cloth of the cape in color and sheen, which is certainly no easy feat.

Batman’s costume is made up of nine pieces. He has a basic gray bodysuit, with a cloth cape, shorts and lower cowl, as well as sculpted boots, gloves and utility belt. The bodysuit is pretty well tailored, though some of the stitching is a bit bulky. The shorts seem a little loose, but they’re better than some of HT’s previous attempts, so they’re learning. The cape is decently tailored, though it seems too thick. They’ve also placed snaps in a few places to help with placement, which are a bit cumbersome. The gloves, boots, and belt are superbly sculpted, and very nicely painted as well. I particularly like the actual metal belt buckle, which is a wonderful recreation of the original prop. Perhaps my biggest issue with the figure’s costume isn’t actually the costume, but the body beneath it. HT tries to make use of the current version of their TrueType body whenever they can, which is understandable. However, the body is definitely too fit for Adam West as Batman. So, they’ve decided to add padding to mask this. The thing is, West wasn’t overweight, or anything, just not super cut, so the end result is that the figure looks a bit too chubby for West’s Batman.
Like any good Hot Toys figure, Batman comes with a very nice assortment of accessories. The figure includes:

  • 11 interchangeable hands
  • 2 interchangeable face plates
  • Batarang
  • Shark Repellant Bat Spray
  • Bat-Radio
  • Bomb
  • Bat Rope
  • Display stand

The figure’s 11 hands include: a pair of fists, a pair for carrying the bomb, a pair for doing the Batusi, a pair for the batarang, a hand for the Shark Repellant Bat Spray, a hand for the radio, and a hand gesturing with two fingers. The majority of the hands are made for interacting with the accessories, which they do superbly, and the remaining hands allow for a lot of really fun poses. The hands are all very well sculpted, matching up to the glove pieces very well. They also swap out a lot easier than most HT hands, though they still threw in a spare set of wrist pegs, just in case any accidents happen.

In addition to the regular expression already present on the figure, he includes two more face plates with differing expressions. One features gritted teeth, allowing for a variety of more intense poses. The other is closer to the regular expression, but with the mouth open, as if Batman is about to speak or is in quiet contemplation. It’s a rather signature look for West, so it works. Both faceplates are just as good as the regular one, and they swap out with relative ease.

The Batarang is a rather standard Batman accessory, so it would be criminal for it to be excluded. The batarang is well sculpted, and fits well in the figure’s hand. It has a small hole on one end, allowing for the rope to be fed through it.

The Shark Repellant Bat Spray is one of the two very movie specific accessories included. Essentially, it’s just a spray can, but it’s well sculpted and very well painted. It fits very nicely into the appropriate hand, and it makes for a rather cool display.

The Bat-Radio is a neat little accessory, even if it doesn’t have the gravitas of some of the other accessories. It’s very well sculpted, and very accurate to the source material. It even has an actual metal loop at the top.

The Bomb (which sometimes you just can’t get rid of) is the other movie-specific accessory, and it’s probably my favorite accessory included. It’s a pretty simple piece, but it’s spot on to what it should be.

The Bat Rope is, well, rope. I didn’t take it out, but I assure you, it’s just some string.

Lastly, Batman has a display stand. It’s just the standard display stand, with his name and the Batman ’66 logo on it.


Like I said in the intro, Batman’s not mine. I had wanted one, but I just couldn’t justify spending the money. At my family’s New Year’s Eve party this year, my friend Lance noted that I hadn’t reviewed the figure, and asked if I’d like to borrow his to review. I should point out that he said this while handing me the figure. I believe my response was a series of sounds that approximated a yes. While I’m bummed that I didn’t get one of my own, I think getting to mess around with the figure has helped dull the pain a bit. The figure has a few small flaws, but it’s a fantastic figure, and it’s easily the best West Batman on the market, perhaps even the best Batman period.

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