Guest Review #0025: Siris V3




The following is a guest review by Tim Marron. For more from Tim, check outTimsical Thoughts and Tim’s Blarg.

The end is in sight. Today we have the penultimate Infinity Blade review. If this was a fight, it would be the Black Knight, however his armor isn’t available to players, so instead it’s just another Siris. So take raise your sword and shield, here comes the final Siris figure and he looks like he means business.


SirisV3eIf you’ve been keeping up with my reviews of the other IB Collectibles, you can probably figure out that this version of Siris hails from Infinity Blade 3 just like all the previous figures. This setup has him wearing the the Hunter Mail armor, Manganese helm, Obsidian sword, and the Maximus shield although it isn’t present in the Stoic pose. He shares most of the same stats with every other of these guys, right about three and a half inches tall with no articulation. The sculpt on this figure as actually pretty impressive given what I’ve seen on the other Sirises and Isas. All of the appropriate edges and textures are there and as sharp as I can conceivably see them being with this type of 3D printing. Likewise the colored texturing is really well done with some nice crisp detail lines on the helmet and torso. I only have two real complaints about this figure, one of those being the overall faded look which makes it look like the whole thing is just grey at a glance. This is especially evident on the sword which is supposed to be a deep purple and the little cloth bits around Siris’ waist which are bright blue. The other main issue I have, which I touched on in the previous review, is how Sandboxr seems to be holding back on the varnish. As a result, the figure feels very rough in the hands and just looks a little dull. Siris comes with no accessories.

SirisV3f SirisV3d SirisV3c SirisV3b


This was part two of three from my last Sandboxr purchase. I was pretty excited to get this one because I gave him one of my favorite swords in the game. I was a little disappointed with the brightness of the colors but even with the problems I mentioned earlier, the sculpt and detail quality make this one one of my favorites. I just can’t help but wonder if a coat of clear nail polish could improve the figure a little bit.

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