#0481: Captain Sisko & Jem’Hadar



This is the Star Trek Legacy Minimates review I’ve been dreading. A lot of people really, really like Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and some even think it’s the best Trek ever. I, on the other hand, find the series to be utterly unwatchable. I’ve never been able to make it through a single episode of the show. So, the fact that I have a Minimate of the show’s lead, Sisko, is kinda not exciting. Bear with me, as I really don’t know much about these guys.


These two were released in the specialty assortment of Star Trek Legacy Minimates Series One. As DS9 had no movies, these two are based on their appearances within the TV show.


So, amazingly enough, this is the third of the four Siskos released in Minimate form. That’s more Siskos than Picards. That just doesn’t seem right. Anyway, Sisko is based on his appearance from the middle of the show, after he shaved his head, but before the changeover to the First Contact-style uniforms. The figure is about 2 ½ inches tall and sports 14 points of articulation. Structurally, he’s pretty much identical to yesterday’s Picard. Given the fact that they’re both bald guys in similar uniforms, this is pretty sensible re-use. The paintwork on Sisko is clean and the details are sharp. However, they aren’t particularly thrilling or anything. Sisko includes a phaser, a rifle, and a clear display stand, which happens to be the same accessory compliment as Picard.


According to my girlfriend, the Jem’Hadar are a species on the show. They’re like an engineered species of soldiers or something. Not just a guy named Jem, so there! The Jem’Hadar is based on his appearance in the show, I guess. It’s very grey and textury, so that’s not too bad. The figure is roughly 2 ½ inches tall and he has 14 points of articulation. The figure is built on the standard Minimate body, with a unique head sculpt and add-ons for his holster, torso cover, and belt. As far as I can tell, the pieces are all new to this figure, and they’re all very well sculpted. From a paint perspective, the figure is rather drab, but it’s done well technically. The Jem’Hadar includes a handgun, a rifle, and a clear display stand.


These two are the last piece of the whole series set of these I got for $8 during Luke’s Toy Store’s Black Friday sale. While I fully intended to buy the other two, nothing about this set really had me excited. In hand, I really don’t feel any different. I guess they’re fun for fans of the show, but that’s not me.

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