#0630: Bulldozer




The Marvel Universe is full of super villains who aren’t really specifically tied to just one hero. Sure, most of them start out with someone in particular, but then they just get passed around for a while. Such is the case with the Wrecking Crew. They started off as Thor villains, but they’ve made their way around to most of the major heroes. This ties demand for figures of them into a few fanbases. Unfortunately, they really aren’t well-known enough to the general public to warrant them all being released at once, so they have to be released one at a time. Hasbro first released them as part of their 3 ¾ inch Marvel Universe line, where each of them was packed with one of the many Marvel heroes. Then Hasbro turned their sights onto Marvel Legends. However, thanks to their wacky handling of swap figures, we only ended up getting three of the four, leaving poor Bulldozer out in the cold. But he’s finally here!


Bulldozer3Bulldozer is the third figure in the Ant-Man Marvel Legends Infinite Series. He was originally supposed to be the swap figure for Wrecker in the last series of the Return of Marvel Legends line, but none of the revision cases were produced. Fortunately, Hasbro seems determined to never let a good Legends sculpt go to waste, so we got him here. Yay! The Wrecking Crew have had a pretty consistent look over the years, but they’ve gotten a few tweaks here and there to “modernize” them. The ML Crew represented the team in their more current incarnations, and Bulldozer follows suit, which is, at the very least, good for consistency. The figure is almost 8 inches tall and has 30 points of articulation. He is a massive figure, to almost a surprising degree. And he’s got some serious heft. For the most part, he re-uses a lot of the pieces from previous Wrecking Crew members, which in turn used a tweaked version of the body used by Hulkling in ToyBiz’s Young Avengers set. The body us definitely privy to some exaggerated proportions, Bulldozer4but in the case of the Crew, that actually works pretty well. It’s also loaded with tons of texturing, which keeps the sculpt really interesting. Bulldozer features all-new, unique parts for his head, hands, shoulder armor, belt, and boot cuffs. These pieces are all done to match up with the body, and are themselves coated in tons of texture work. It gives Bulldozer a real worn-in look, which really fits his role as a thug for hire. Bulldozer actually has some pretty decent paintwork for a Hasbro figure. He’s still not perfect, but the slop is minimal, most of the paint stays within the lines, and the colors are pretty well chosen. Bulldozer has no accessories of his own (though, given the size of this guy, I can’t say he feels lacking) but he does include the left arm of Ultron, this series’ Build-A-Figure.


Bulldozer was another of the figures I found at my local Toys R Us. I never got any of the other Wrecking Crew figures (due to being out of Legends at the time), so I wasn’t really expecting much out of this guy. I was really just buying him for the Ultron piece. However, he really surprised me. Quite frankly, he’s my favorite figure in the set. He’s just a lot of fun, even if you don’t have the rest of the Crew.


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