#0631: Tiger Shark




Remember about a week ago when I was talking about the more obscure villains? Well, Tiger Shark is definitely one of those. When one of the most notable things about you is that you fought the Sub Mariner, you aren’t at the top of anyone’s list. But, those types of characters seem to be Hasbro’s specialty as of late, and I certainly won’t be complaining about it!


Tigershark2Tiger Shark is figure number four in the new Ant-Man Marvel Legends Infinite Series. Like Batroc and Radiactive Man before him, he’s another figure salvaged from the proposed “Jubilee Series” of the Return of Marvel Legends line. With Tiger Shark, we’re now just one figure away from getting all of the figures from that series, which is pretty darn amazing. Hasbro is very committed to not letting those go to waste! The figure is about 6 ¾ inches tall and has 32 points of articulation. If you’ve read either my Radioactive Man or Anti-Venom reviews, you’ve seen a lot of this figure’s sculpt before. He’s built on the Hyperion buck, which is a decent body. It isn’t one of their greatest, but it’s not their worst either. The only real issue with it is how far back the neck sits on the chest, but that’s only obvious in certain poses. Aside from that, it’s a good base for larger characters, such as Tiger Shark. In addition to that body, he’s got a unique set of clawed hands (which are bound to see re-use at some point) and an all-new head sculpt. These pieces are all well sculpted and match up pretty nicely with the base body. The head, which was sculpted a little while ago, has that boxy look of some of the early Return of Marvel Legends males. That being said, it works okay for Tiger Shark. The biggest down side is that the headfin, which, while well-sculpted, restricts the neck movement greatly, due to it being made from solid plastic. I’m not sure what could be done to avoid this issue, but it’s annoying nonetheless. Now we get to the paint. Oh boy, the paint. Hasbro frequently has issues in this area, but Tiger Shark seems worse than usual. The torso is really where the worst is; they’ve painted orange over the purple, and, since it’s a lighter color, the purple bleeds through all over the place. The pelvis also has a huge scratch of orange on the front, which is really obvious. And this was the better of the two Tiger Sharks I saw at the store, which doesn’t speak well for the QC on this particular figure. Tiger Shark’s only extra is the right arm of the Build-A-Figure, Ultron.


Take a guess as to where I got Tiger Shark. If you guessed Toys R Us, you’re right. If you didn’t, I’m not sure what your deal is. Like, do you not read every one of my reviews? I’m hurt. Deeply. Anyway, I got Tiger Shark from my local TRU. I can’t say I was super excited about the figure, nor can I say he really blew away my expectations. That said, it’s nice to have at least gotten the figure. I’ll never say no to more Masters of Evil!


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