#0632: Grim Reaper




Avengers villains have long had a difficult time of getting any form of respect, especially when it comes to the action figure world. Of course, your main foes having a couple of successful movies under their belts does a lot to turn things around. One of my favorite Avenging villains is Grim Reaper, the brother of Avengers member Wonder Man. He went quite some time with not a single action figure, but he’s gotten two in just the last year. He just found his way into the Marvel Legends scale and style, so let’s look at that one.


GrimReaper2Grim Reaper is the fifth figure in Hasbro’s Ant-Man Marvel Legends Infinite Series. His connection to Ant-Man is definitely a stretch, but he’s the brother of Wonder Man Wonder Man served as the basis for Vision’s brain patterns, Vision was the “son” of Ultron, and Ultron was created by Hank Pym, aka the original Ant-Man. So their sorta related; demented and sad, but sorta related. The figure is just shy of 6 ½ inches tall and has 29 points of articulation. Good ‘ol Reaper has the notoriety of being the first character to use Hasbro’s new base body. The body is meant to be a midway point between the Bucky Cap and Hyperion bodies in terms of build. I think it’s their best base body yet, with softer angles and more realistic proportions. It moves away from the more exaggerated comic book styling, a move I wasn’t 100% sold on at first. However, in person, it looks pretty good, and it’s not so far removed that it looks out of place with other figures in the line. In addition to premiering the new body, he also has unique pieces for his head and Techno-Scythe, and is also the first figure to use the new cape add-on piece. The head is easily my favorite thing about GrimReaper3the figure. The Avengers Infinite version had an okay sculpt, but not anything that really stood out. That’s not the case here. Reaper has in intense, crazy smile that’s perfect for the character, and really makes him stand out from other figures in the line. It’s also correctly sized for the body, which was not true with the last Reaper. The Techno-Scythe is fine, but it suffers from being cast in rather soft plastic, making it a bit…droopy. It’s also based on a more recent design for the scythe, which I don’t find to be as visually interesting. The cape is this biggest letdown here. First off, it lacks the proper, built up collar that Reaper’s always had. Also, the peg has been sculpted with an extra bit to keep the cape from sitting flush with the figure’s back, so it sticks out and falls off a lot. Grim Reaper ended up with a pretty decent paint job, overall. The colors are all well-chosen, and things tend to stay where they’re supposed to. There are some weird choices, such as the red lines around the eyes, but things generally look pretty good. Grim Reaper’s only pack-in is the Build-A-Figure piece, which is the left leg of Ultron.


Grim Reaper is the last figure from this series that I was able to find at my local Toys R Us. I was pretty excited for this guy, though maybe not quite as excited as I would have been had the Avengers Infinite version not just been released. The figure turned out really well, and he offers not just a great interpretation of Grim Reaper (though I wouldn’t mind getting his undead look from the 80s) but also a great first look at Hasbro’s newest base body, which turned out better than expected.


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