#0634: Orion Vs. Onigumo




Okay, now for something completely different. So, I had initially planned to review the Ant-Man Marvel Legends Infinite Series Ultron today, but…things decided not to agree. Essentially, I’m out of town with a broken computer without access to a fair portion of my files, which includes the Ultron images (and a few of my Giant-Man images as well, hence the slightly lighter entry yesterday). Things should be fixed when I get back, but until then, I’m at the mercy of what I have access to currently.

Amongst the things I have access to are these guys, Orion and Onigumo. Who are they? They’re part of the long running Microman line, my fandom of which I’ve kept no secret. The line went on hiatus a few years back, but before doing so, they did their best to keep it alive for as long as possible. Their last attempt was to pair it up with a Super Sentai show, called Wecker Signa. The show’s designs were based on existing pieces in the Takara library, allowing the tie-in figures to use as little tooling as possible. It was ultimately unsuccessful in its goal of saving the line, but it did get out a few sets of figures.


This pair was released as set 03 in the Microman Wecker Signa line, released in Japan by Takara. They are both based on the designs of their respective characters from the Wecker Signa show.


WeckerSigna2Orion is one of the mentor figures of the show’s main team, at least I think. There’s not really a lot of info on the show available here in the US, so I made due with what I could find. The figure stands about 4 inches tall and has 28 points of articulation. He’s built on the basic Microman body, with a few add-on pieces. The base body is a little bit dated by today’s standards, but not horribly so, and it was very good at the time. Some of the joints are a little loose, and the right arm has a little difficulty staying on, but I think that’s limited to mine. Most of the add-ons are re-used from Microman Shouma, with the exception of the head. The armor parts are all nicely handled and snap onto the body pretty well, so that’s good. The head is the defining WeckerSigna3piece, and it’s pretty great. I like the sleekness; it looks like a cross between an Ultraman and a Power Ranger, which is certainly fine by me. The paintwork is rather important here, much more so than the usual Microman. The colors are nice and bright, and everything is pretty clean. Vac Metallizing is used heavily, but that’s hardly shocking to see. It’s done well and accents the normal paint very nicely. The figure includes six pairs of hands in varying poses, a lightsaber-like sword, a stand, and an extra, more-Microman-inspired head.


WeckerSigna4This guy seems to be one of the show’s big bads, so, there he is. The figure is also about 4 inches tall and has 28 points of articulation, though he does have a little but more at times, depending on how he’s set up. He too is built on the standard body, with most of his add-ons coming from Acro Hidou. The re-used parts are nicely sculpted and appropriately creepy, though they lose a lot of their edge here. I like that you can reconfigure the armor into different layouts, but other than that, ehh. He’s also got a unique head sculpt. It’s…accurate to the source material. Can’t really say much more about it. I don’t really care for his design and I care for it less in WeckerSigna5action figure form. In addition to the sculpted pieces, he’s got a faux-leather cape. It’s alright, but hard to get it to sit properly under the armor. Paint is what really pulls this guy down. While Orion still stuck with the more traditional Microman style, Onigumo really diverges, which makes his seem rather bland. Still, what’s there is cleanly applied, so I can’t say they did a bad job, just a somewhat boring one. In addition to the armor and such, Onigumo is packed with three pairs of hands, a sword, and a display stand. An extra, chrome head would have gone a long way here, but, alas, there is none.


It’s Tim’s fault. Again. See, while we were messing with our Assemble Borg stuff, I noted the similarities to some of the Microman figures I had a while back. I pulled them out, and Tim decided he had to get some of his own. Which meant he informed me of how easy they were to find on Amazon. And like that, I was pulled back in. I’d be lying if I said I bought this set for both figures. I liked the look of Orion, and the price for the set was about what I’d have been willing to pay for him by himself, so I got both. In hand, I love Orion. He’s a lot of fun. Onigumo…not so much. He’s not terrible, and with a little bit of tweaking, you can make him suck a bit less. However, there’s still a clear star here, and it’s Orion all the way.



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