#0654: White Tiger




What’s this? Two female figures in a row? That’s crazy! Well, okay, not really. But it is somewhat out of the ordinary. I had a bunch to say about Misty Knight, but not so much to say about today’s focus, the White Tiger. I’m marginally familiar with the original, male White Tiger, but only marginally. The more recent bearer of the name? Not so much. I do know that this particular version of the character is the one in the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon, so there’s that. Anyway, she has an action figure, and I own it, so here’s the review.


WhiteTiger2White Tiger (or “Marvel’s White Tiger” as she’s listed on the box) is the fourth figure in the third series of Spider-Man Marvel Legends Infinite Series figures. She gets to have her own name, unlike a lot of Hasbro’s recent female (and even lesser known male) figures, but she doesn’t completely escape having to share stuff, as I’ll get to further down. As noted above, she’s base on the character’s design in Ultimate Spider-Man. The design on the show was different from the comics look of the time, but the comics character has since taken the cartoon look. That works for me, since I think the cartoon design is cooler anyway. The figure is just under 6 inches tall with 27 points of articulation. She’s built on the Spider-Girl body, with an all-new head and the hands from Hellcat. She also has an add-on piece for her totem necklace. The new pieces are nicely done; the head’s definitely the better of the two, with some nice clean work. The necklace is a little on the bulky side, but it’s not terrible for the scale. The base body is still a personal favorite, so I’m happy to see it show up again, and the hands are a pretty smart reuse. One real issue I did notice is that White Tiger seems to be plagued with a lot more flashing/mold lines than other Legends, which is a bit of a bummer. Paint wise, Tiger is pretty simple. She’s mostly just molded in the signature white, with paint for her stripes and eyes. It’s all pretty cleanly handled, so that’s good. The necklace is the best, though; it’s painted a bright green, with yellow accents, which gives a cool, almost glowing effect. White Tiger doesn’t have any character specific pieces, but she does come with the requisite part for Rhino. Remember when I said she still had to share something? This is it. Tiger didn’t get her own B-A-F piece, she just includes the same torso as Misty. Which is a little weird, since she’s not the figure Misty shares a name with. Oh well.


Being upfront: I only have White Tiger because she came in the full set I ordered from Big Bad Toy Store. Given my lack of familiarity with the character and the fact that she has the same piece as Misty, I probably would have skipped her if I’d found these guys in a store. She’s not a bad figure, and I’m sure fans of the character will be pleased, but for me she seems a little bit bland. Perfectly fine figure, just not a whole lot going on. Still, I don’t regret the purchase or anything, so I don’t think she’s a loss.

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