#0644: Kraven




Long-running toy lines have a habit of becoming cyclical with character selection, almost by necessity. With anything you do for a lot of time, there will inevitably be changes stylistically, as processes become more streamlined, good and bad methods are weeded through, and mistakes are (hopefully) learned from. This means that figures at the beginning of a toy line probably won’t fit in so well with those from much further down the line. If you want your most popular characters to still fit in, you have to update them every so often. Take today’s figure Kraven: his last figure in the Marvel Legends (and Spider-Man Classics) line was released ten years ago. That’s a good long while. Seems Hasbro felt that was too long, as he’s part of their latest series of Marvel Legends, just hitting now!


Kraven2Kraven (aka “Savage Force”) was released in the most recent set of Spider-Man Marvel Legends Infinite Series. He shares his name (but not his Build-A-Figure piece) with fellow Spider-Man foe the Chameleon, who is also his half-brother, which I did not know. You learn something new every day. The figure is roughly 6 ¼ inches tall and features 32 points of articulation. Kraven uses Hasbro’s new, slightly larger male body, first introduced with Grim Reaper. Kraven is, of course, the first two-handed character to use the body, so he’s got that going for him. In addition to the base body, the figure has an all-new head, as well as unique pieces for the forearms, hands, shins, and feet and add-on parts for his vest and belt. The pieces do a great job of making Kraven quite different from his body-mate Reaper. The head sculpt is probably the weakest piece of the figure; it’s not terrible, or anything, just a little bit on the bland side. It lacks some of the character of previous Kraven sculpts, and has a bit of the sameness that’s plagued so many of the male Legends sculpts. From the neck down, the detail work is fantastic. The clothes are full of texture and layering that really sell this guy as Kraven THE HUNTER. The lion’s mane and loincloth also have a great flow to them, which gives the figure a nice action styling to him. The paintwork follows the trend set by the sculpt. The head’s paint is just passable; the edges of the hair and mustache are rather sloppy, and he’s got the same eye issue as Misty Knight. The rest of the paint is pretty solid work, and the clothing has some really nice wear and tear to it. Kraven is packed with a spear, which befits a hunter, as well as a piece of Rhino, which also befits a hunter, I guess.


I hadn’t initially planned to pick up Kraven, given that I’m only a moderate fan of the character. But, the more I looked at the figure, the more I liked it. And, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to see another use of the new body sculpt. The fact that I ended up going for the complete set kind of sealed the deal. Slight issues with the head asides, the figure is a great update to the old Kraven figures.


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