#0656: Ghost Rider



GRML1It may be surprising, given how many 90s tropes he fulfills, but Ghost Rider is actually one of Marvel’s more prominent 70s characters. The character now seems to be eternally linked to the 90s grunge style, however, he started off as a supernatural take on Evil Kinneval, definite a 70s icon. He was even a member of one the most 70s teams in their roster, The Champions. He’s so 70s, which, if you’ll recall from my Misty Knight review, I quite like. The original version of Ghost Rider isn’t as privy to toys as later versions, but Hasbro did see fit to add him to their most recent round of Marvel Legends


GRML2Ghost Rider is the sixth figure in the third round of Spider-Man Marvel Legends Infinte Series figures.  Officially, he’s named “Heroes For Hire,” a name he shares with series-mate Misty Knight.  Of course, that’s the only thing they share, as both figures use completely different part sets and Rider’s B-A-F piece is completely different.  It’s a little confusing.  But, as with Misty, I don’t really care what he’s called, as long as he’s a good figure.  Ghost Rider is just over 6 inches tall, with 30 points of articulation (including a moving jaw!)  as noted in the intro, this guy’s based on the classic 70s, Johnny Blaze version of the character.  The figure is built on the body of the AIM Soldier from the Cap Legends, which is a pretty good match for the design (and it’s a reuse Hasbro’s done before with their Marvel Universe line, so there’s precedent.)  In addition, he’s got a new head, neck, collar, belt, and chain piece.  The collar fits in pretty seamlessly, and the head and neck fit in very well and are nicely sculpted to boot.  The chain technically isnt accurate for classic Rider, but it’s easily removable, so that’s hardly an issue.  The paintwork on Ghost Rider is prett decent overall.  I wouldn’t mind him being a little more blue, but this coloring works well enough, and the light blue/grey accents are pretty clean.  The head is cast in clear plastic, with the bone color of the skull being gradually worked in, which makes the flame less obviously fake looking than previous versions.  The work on the eyes is also quite notable, as they appear to glow, even when not lit.  Ghost Rider’s only included extra is a piece of Rhino.  No motorcycle for a guy named Ghost Rider is a little odd, but I guess it’s hard to make these sorts of things cost out.


I’ve never followed any of his series super closely, but I’ve always had a soft spot for Ghost Rider, particularly the classic version.  None of ToyBiz’s versions ever really hit the spot for me, so I was pretty excited to see Hasbro give their own take.  All in all, this is a pretty fantastic version of the character.  I just wish he’d included a motorcycle!


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