#0657: Chameleon




Spider-Man has a pretty decent rogue’s gallery. Given just how popular their main foe is, they are no strangers to toys. That said, some of them aren’t as sure a sale as others, resulting in less toys for them. Chameleon has often been in that boat, but he’s not completely absent from the toy world, despite the fact that he’s actually Spider-Man’s first costumed foe. Hasbro just granted him his first 6 inch scale figure, courtesy of the latest set of Marvel Legends.


Chameleon2Chameleon is the last figure in the third round of Spider-Man Marvel Legends Infinite Series figures. His packaged name is “Savage Force,” the same as Kraven, though the two have no overlap in terms of parts or accessories. The figure is roughly 6 inches tall and has 30 points of articulation. His body is the same as that of Agent Coulson from the SHIELD set released earlier this year. It’s nice to see it back in circulation so soon, and it’s definitely nice to see it on a single release figure. With the exception of his elbows being set just a tab bit too low, it’s a really nice sculpt, and it’s easily one of the best suit bucks on the market. Chameleon gets a new head, showcasing his blank canvas-style face. It’s simple, but at the same time incredibly detailed. It looks perfect for the character, which is what matters. In addition to his main Chameleon head, the figure also includes two more heads, to showcase Chameleon’s master of disguise schtick. The heads are J Jonah Jameson and Hammerhead, two mainstays of the Spider-verse. Both pieces are well sculpted, but the Jonah sculpt is definitely my favorite of the two. The only real issue is that Chameleon’s body isn’t quite right for either of them; the colors don’t seem right for Jonah and the size is definitely too small for Hammerhead. But, it’s good to have them, and they work well for the whole disguise gimmick, so I can’t really complain. Chameleon’s paintwork is pretty decent, if somewhat basic. The suit is pretty much all solid molded colors, but things like the shiny shoes and really dark tie do a lot to add some dimension. The basic Chameleon head has some nice, subtle blue airbrushing to help accentuate the details, and the two extra heads both have nice base color work. Aside from the extra heads I already covered, Chameleon also includes three guns (a traditional tommy gun, and funky sci-fi guns in both large and small sizes) and the final piece to Rhino.

Chameleon3 Chameleon4 Chameleon7 Chameleon12


I don’t know why, but I’ve always really liked Chameleon. I even had his wonky-costumed 5 inch figure back in the day. So, I was pretty happy to see him as a part of this series. The final figure turned out even better than I’d hoped. The Coulson body is still really cool, and the base Chameleon head is just perfection. Throw in some really fun extras and you’ve got quite a winner of a figure.


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