#0784: Guavian Enforcer




Alright, it’s just three days until the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens in theatres, and I’m pretty excited. To show off my excitement, I’m going to review one Star Wars item from now through the 18th. First up is yet another character I don’t know much about, the Guavian Enforcer. Apparently, this guy’s a new army builder, so that’s cool I guess. Let’s have a look at one of the two versions of this character currently available.


GuavianEnforcer2“The security soldiers of the Guavian Gang wear high impact armor that makes them stand out among other deadly criminals.” The Guavian Enforcer is part of the second series of the Force Awakens-themed re-launch of Star Wars: The Black Series. He’s been designated as figure 08, which makes him numerically the third figure in Series 2. The figure stands 6 inches tall and has 28 points of articulation. The sculpt is totally new to this figure, and it looks to be a pretty good translation of the design from the film, at least from what I’ve seen. The design is certainly a change of pace for Star Wars. Some people have commented he looks a bit like Jason Todd as Red Hood; others have said he looks like an obscure Marvel villain, or even a product placement for Target. Me? I think he looks like one of Cobra’s specialized troopers from G.I. Joe. Which isn’t actually a bad thing, truth be told. The sculpt is pretty decent all around. There’s a lot of nice texture work, and the finer details look pretty cool. The proportions seem a little exaggerated, but without seeing the movie I don’t know for sure that they actually are. The paintwork on the Guavian Enforcer is fairly nicely handled. The jumpsuit is covered with a pretty thick wash of darker paint, which makes it look nice and worn in, and it brings out the texture work of the sculpt quite adeptly. There’s some slight bleed over on the helmet, and the silver gash could stand to be a little more subtle, but those are the only real drawbacks. The Enforcer gets a whole two accessories: one that looks like an old-fashioned tommy gun, and one that looks a bit more like a shotgun. Neither is painted, which is a bit of a bummer, but they’re sculpted pretty well.


The Guavian Enforcer is the first of the Series 2 I’ve been able to find (well, I also found Constable Zuvio, but I don’t really like his design). I found him at my closest TRU a few weeks back. I quite like the design of this guy, and he makes for a pretty neat figure. Hopefully the Enforcers make for decent characters in the movie!


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