Guest Review #0035: Zero Suit Samus




The following is a Guest Review from my brother Christian Wilson.  For more from Christian, check out his general randomness over at Throwing Crayons.

“Why does she look like she’s wearing Bayonetta shoes?”, “What the hell is that prosthetic leg attachment thing?” “Why is her hair in two pieces?”

All these questions will be answered (actually, probably not) in the next episode of SOAP!


Samus2Samus is your standard Amiibo with a Smash Bros base and the weird leg support thingy majiger. She stands at just over 4 inches tall including the base (3.75 excluding) with, what a shock, zero points of articulation. She has a very sleek blue paint job and her hair is pretty good for a $13 figure. I would say if any part makes the figure look off, it’s most likely either the gun or the boots. Their paint isn’t the most Fant4stic and, unfortunately, detracts from a great figure. Other than physically, she functions like any Amiibo, working in Smash as her character and I noticed that in Mario kart 8 she can be scanned in and be used to receive the regular Samus Mii costume, which since I missed out on the regular Samus Amiibo (when I bought this Amiibo) was pretty neat.


I love collecting Amiibo so I begged my mother to take me to the nearby GameStop. Unbeknown to me that was the day that wave 5 was released. I went in and looked at the wall of Amiibo and… I had all of them. At least until I saw Toad! I picked him up and went to check out when I saw 3 Zero Suit Samus Amiibo on the counter behind the checkout desk. I asked “Are those for sale?” And sure enough they were. I begrudgingly put Toad back and bought her in a heartbeat even though I wasn’t aware she was even released. Though she has her issues, she’s a really nice Amiibo and is definitely not my least favorite.

P.S. I did get a Toad later at the very same GameStop thanks to my brother. Love you bro.

P.S.S. Someone told me I should’ve bought all three Amiibo and sold 2 online. Sorry scalpers, I’m not living that life.

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