#0968: Marvel’s Vision




One of the few good things to come out of the storytelling travesty that was “Avengers Disassembled” was the creation of Young Avengers, a pretty fantastic tribute to the various legacies from throughout Avengers history. During the events of “Disassembled,” the Vision, who is himself a legacy in a few ways, was killed. Young Avengers brought him back…sort of. The original Vision remained dead, but through a combination of remnants of his programming, and Iron Lad/Kang the Conqueror’s armor (and just a dash of his pre-Kang personality thrown in for good measure), Vision 2.0 was created. He served as an interesting take on the concept of the Vision, at times even more human than his predecessor. Jonas (Vision 2.0’s preferred name) has gotten a figure before, courtesy of DST’s Marvel Minimates, but Hasbro’s seen fit to give him another, although only die-hard Young Avengers might recognize it at first.


VisionJonas2Jonas was released in the second series of Hasbro’s 3 ¾ inch scale Marvel Legends line (formerly Marvel Universe, then Avengers Infinite, then Marvel Infinite). Though he is clearly meant to be Vision 2.0, the packaging simply lists him as “Marvel’s Vision.” Given that the two Visions aren’t far off from each other in design, and the fact that the general public is still getting used to the first Vision, I can’t say it was a bad move to leave off the “2.0.” The figure stands about 4 inches tall and has 19 points of articulation. The figure is built on the new medium male body (the same one used on Machine Man and Yondu), which is actually a pretty good fit for Vision. It’s certainly better than the body used by the last 3 ¾ version of the character. I suppose you could argue that Jonas should perhaps be a little smaller than the original Vision, but different artists drew him different ways, so I can’t really find fault with it. The figure uses the cape from the prior Vision, which was probably the best part of that figure, along with a new head sculpt. The head is a fairly generic Vision head. I might have liked something with a bit more resemblance to Jim Cheung’s art, but this works just fine. The paint work on Vision is passable, but it could be better. There’s quite a bit of slop, especially in the face, which is rather annoying. The metallic yellow looks cool, but I do wish they’d done something more exciting than flat green for the rest of the costume. The Minimate was partially translucent, which was fun, but even just making the green metallic would have been something. Vision includes no accessories, which isn’t too shocking, since I can’t really think of any extras that could be included. That being said, given the rising costs of these figures, anything to help offset the price would certainly be appreciated.


I picked up Vision from my local Toys R Us, while out and about with Super Awesome Girlfriend. It’s not often I find a figure I’m looking for so quickly after its release, so that was nice. I was actually a bit surprised when this figure was announced. The Young Avengers book’s been done for a couple of years, and Jonas was dead and forgotten even before that. Of course I’ll hardly complain about getting another Young Avenger, even if he’s only the second member in this scale. Hey, Kate, Wiccan, and Hulkling are still kicking around, maybe we might get 3 ¾ inch versions of them too!


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