#1045: Marvel’s Havok




“With control and precision, Havok processes cosmic energy to send plasma waves blasting from his super-charged body.”

After 10 years, my boy Havok’s finally gotten another Marvel Legend! Alright! It’s actually sort of odd timing, really, since he’s been absent from the comics since Axis left him as an “inverted” villain. I guess his presence in this year’s X-Men: Apocalypse made him a good choice. Regardless of the reasoning, I’m just happy to have another Havok figure. Let’s see how he turned out!


HavokNow2Havok (who, like Phoenix, gets the “Marvel’s” preface) is figure 4 in the Juggernaut series of Marvel Legends. This time around, Havok is sporting his Marvel Now! attire. It’s not my favorite Havok look, but it’s a reasonable choice, since it’s still technically his current costume, and it fits in with all of the other Marvel Now! figures Hasbro’s done since the Infinite Series re-branding. It’s also pretty close to his classic appearance, so he fits in alright with some of the more classically inspired figures. The figure stands about 6 ½ inches tall and has 32 points of articulation. Havok is built on the Bucky Cap body, which is a fair choice. His brother has also been built on this body and the two of them are typically depicted as being about the same build. Also, fun fact: this marks the second time that Havok and Daredevil have been built on the same body (they shared a body in Toy Biz’s 5-inch scale). Havok gets a new head sculpt, which is a pretty nice piece. It’s a much calmer Havok than we usually see on HavokNow4figures, but still in line with his comics depictions. It’s nice to get some variety in his expressions. Havok’s paintwork is overall pretty solid. The colors are nice and bold, and I particularly like the way they handled his chest emblem/power measurement thingy. The faint blue hue makes it look like it’s actually the energy he’s emitting, as opposed to just a tacked on logo. There’s a bit of slop on the edges of the headgear, but nothing too terrible. Havok includes a pair of energy effect pieces that clip onto his wrists and demonstrate his powers. They’re a really cool extra, and help make him a much more dynamic looking figure. Havok also includes the right leg of Juggernaut. It would have been nice to get an unmasked head, since he spent a lot of his Marvel Now! appearances unmasked, but he doesn’t feel particularly light, so I can’t really complain.


My parents brought Havok back from a trip they took to Philadelphia a few weekends ago. I was quite excited to get him, since he was one of my most anticipated figures from this set (being my favorite X-Man and all). He’s sort of the reverse of Phoenix, if I’m honest. Where I wasn’t really excited for her and she ended up pleasantly surprising me, Havok here isn’t quite as exciting as I’d hoped. He’s not bad in the slightest bit, mind you, and I’m still thrilled to have him. He’s just not top of the line; more middle of the pack.

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