#1046: Iceman




“Iceman keeps his cool in battle with his ability to turn water to ice and freeze his own body to temperatures below zero.

Iceman is probably the founding X-Man with the most untapped potential. He’s been with the team longer than anyone barring Cyclops and he’s one of 10 confirmed Omega level mutants (making him one of the more powerful characters in the Marvel universe).  Nevertheless, he’s frequently little more than a prankster, just there to goof off. Which is really a shame, because he’s really a (pardon the pun) cool character. Anyway, he’s at least gotten his fair share of action figures over the years, with his latest being an all-new Marvel Legend, which I’ll be taking a look at today!


IcemanHas2Iceman is figure 3 in the Juggernaut series of Marvel Legends, which was just released a few weeks ago. This marks Iceman’s third time as a Marvel Legend, following the boxed-set version from two years ago and the single release from Toy Biz back in 2005 (reviewed here). He’s specifically based on Iceman’s Wolverine and the X-Men appearance (the comic, not the show), though he effectively works for any version of Iceman post-early 90s. The figure stands just shy of 6 ½ inches tall and he has 32 points of articulation. Iceman is built on the Pizza Spidey base, which is reasonable, since Iceman’s shared a body with Spider-Man more than once. I’m still not entirely sure how I feel about the body being used for non-Spider-Man characters (the exaggerated proportions work for Spidey, but are off on others), but this body works better for him than any of the other bases currently in Hasbro’s inventory. He gets a new head, forearms, hands, shins, and feet, as well as a clip-on piece for his shoulders. The overall appearance is pretty cool. He certainly captures the look from the comics IcemanHas4well. If I were to get really nitpicky, I might say I’d like for the head and hands to be a touch smaller in scale, but it’s a pretty minor issue. Probably the most pressing issue facing this figure is the soft plastic used for his arms and legs. It makes him a little difficult to keep standing, and can also cause his arms to fall off from time to time. It’s a definite bummer (though, I’ll take rubbery limbs over flat out broken limbs like the Toy Biz version). Paint on this guy is the definition of minimal. There’s some white for his eyes. That’s it. The rest of him is just molded in a semi-transparent plastic with a slight blue tint. I feel like it might actually be a bit too transparent, causing the inner workings of the joints to be a little bit distracting. Iceman has no character specific accessories, just the left arm of the B-A-F Juggernaut. I wouldn’t have minded some sort of ice blast attachment or something, but the actual figure has enough new pieces that he doesn’t feel too light.


Iceman was the first figure in this set that I personally found in the store (at a Walmart, to be specific), which was quite exciting, I guess. Of all the figures in the set, my anticipation for this guy was somewhere in the middle. Ultimately, I think he’s the weakest of the set that I’ve picked up so far. To be fair, I do think he’s the best Marvel Legends Iceman available, just due to the last two attempts being even weaker. He’s certainly not a bad figure, and I’m happy to have gotten an update, as the Toy Biz version was looking quite raggedy as of late.


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