#1048: Kitty Pryde




“With her ability to elude attacks by making herself intangible, Katherine “Kitty” Pryde is a master of defense.”

Remember yesterday when I said that Kitty Pryde hasn’t had much luck with action figures?  Well, that changes today, with my review of the latest attempt at a Kitty Pryde figure.  Full disclosure: I really like this figure.


KittyPrydeHas2Kitty Pryde is figure — in the Juggernaut series of Marvel Legends.  This marks Kitty’s second Legend, following the travesty we looked at yesterday.  This Kitty figure is based on her more recent appearances from after the time Magneto retrieved her from the giant space bullet she had to bond herself with to save the world from ancient alien mutants…it’s a long story.  The look isn’t much different from her Astonishing look, and I quite like it. It’s definitely a strong choice.  The figure is about 6 inches tall and she has 27 points of articulation.  Kitty is built on the same basic body as Phoenix, which I’m definitely okay with.  She gets unique pieces for her head, upper torso, and forearms, as well as an add-on piece for her belt.  She also has flat-soled feet, which I much prefer to the high-heels on Phoenix.  All of the new pieces exhibit very clean sculpting, and fit together seamlessly with the basic pieces.  I particularly like the head.  It’s easily one of Hasbro’s best female sculpts, and it manages to make Kitty look neither too old nor too young, which is a definite improvement over prior attempts.  Now, my figure does have some fairly KittyPrydeHas3present mold lines, especially at the chin, which is a bit annoying.  However, since her head is molded in the correct colored plastic, it’s actually a pretty easy fix, so it doesn’t mar the figure.  The paint on Kitty is pretty decent overall, though there are a few minor issues, with some uncovered spots, and one or two issues of bleed over.  On the plus side, the color scheme on this figure is much better than the Toy Biz figure, which just makes her a more exciting figure all around.  A good yellow can be hard to find, but this one is definitely right.  Kitty includes her pet dragon Lockheed, who can securely sit on her shoulder, as well as the left arm of Juggernaut.  She also includes (or is supposed to, anyway…) the head of Onslaught.  Apparently, the only way that Hasbro was allowed to release a proper Onslaught head for their Red Onslaught B-a-F was to pack it in with an X-Men figure in a completely unrelated set.  Kitty gets the honor of being that figure for…reasons.  I’m not really sure why.


I got Kitty from a nearby Walgreens (actually the same one where I got Jean, just a week later). Kitty was the fourth of the new figures I found, and she was a somewhat bittersweet moment.  While I was excited to find her, I quickly noticed that some dipstick had swapped out the Onslaught head for an ASM2 Electro head. I bought her anyway, in part because I wanted the figure more than the piece, and in part because I didn’t want anyone else to get stuck with the mucked up figure.  However, just to prove that most people don’t suck, my Dad picked up another Kitty figure later to get me the Onslaught head, and I was also contacted by my friend Cindy Woods, who offered me the piece that came with her figure.  So, now I have a complete Kitty figure!  Yay!  Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect from Kitty when the series first started hitting, but she may well be my favorite figure in the set!


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