#1049: Wolverine




“Virtually indestructible and always ready for a fight, Wolverine’s specialty is sending bad guys running.”

Well, I’m out of figures to compare to the new X-Men Legends.  Not because the remaining figures aren’t re-dos (because they are), but because I don’t own the originals (shocking, I know).  Today’s focus, Wolverine, is no stranger to action figures.  He’s not even a stranger to Marvel Legends (though he’s been a little more absent as of late).  So, he’s not really anything new.  Except that this might very well be the most anticipated Marvel Legends Wolverine since the very first one.  Because he’s that cool, that’s why.


WolvHas2Wolverine is figure 1 in the Juggernaut series of Marvel Legends.  He’s the 24th version of Logan to grace the Marvel Legends line.  Wolverine is wearing his brown and yellow costume from the late ‘80s (making its first Legends appearance since way back in Series 6 of Toy Biz’s Legends).  The figure stands just under 6 inches tall and has 34 points of articulation.  One of the big things about this particular Wolverine is that he’s the first Wolverine since very early in Hasbro’s run to get a new body sculpt.  Yes, after over a decade of use, the old Brown Costume Wolverine mold has finally been retired.  Now it’s been replaced by…the Brown Costume Wolverine body.  The more things change, the more they stay the same.  So, how is the new body?  Well, it’s not perfect (what is?), but it’s pretty good.  It does short and stocky very well. I might like it if the arms were just a little more worked into the rest of the sculpt, but they aren’t awful.  Also, the range of motion on a lot of the joints, especially the shoulders is awesome, which is a definite plus. More than any of Hasbro’s base bodies, this one feels specifically tailored to the character premiering it.  I can’t really think of many characters who are built similarly to Wolverine, so I imagine Hasbro’s more thinking of using this for variations of just him.  The character specific elements (the head, hands, boots, and belt) are very nicely sculpted.  The head sits just a touch high on the neck, but it’s otherwise a pretty great sculpt.  It’s a lot cleaner than earlier Legends Wolverines, which I actually quite like, especially since this is supposed to be Wolverine from before he got quite as grungy.  The belt and boots fit well on the body, and both sport some decent texture work.  The hands are the best hands any Wolverine figure has ever gotten, due mostly to the claws being separate pieces, which prevents them from warping.  They aren’t perfect, but they’re very close.  Paint is probably this figure’s weakest part.  It’s not awful, but it’s a bit sloppier than I’d like.  Still, he’s not as bad as some Hasbro figures.  My biggest issue is the mismatched yellow from the hips to the thighs, which just throws the whole figure off.  Overall, though, he looks really cool.  Wolverine was packed with a spare set of hands with the claws retracted, as well as the head for Juggernaut.  The hands are particularly noteworthy, as it makes him one of only two Legends Wolverines to include such a thing, which is surprising, because they’re such a cool, easy to do feature.


So, you know how I said this was the start of the reviews where I didn’t have the older figures to compare to?  Well, I actually did at one point own the Toy Biz Brown Costume Wolverine.  For reasons I can’t begin to explain, I sold him, which I’ve greatly regretted ever since.  Because of that, I’ve been greatly anticipating this guy.  I ended up finding him at Toys R Us, without much fanfare, which I was quite happy about.  He’s not a perfect figure, but he’s a very nice one, and one I’m very happy to have.


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  1. For someone who grew up in a time where there was no such thing as too many Wolverine toys, it’s hard for me to comprehend that this is the first new Wolverine figure from Hasbro for a while and that this figure was harder for me to find than Rogue. I have yet to see one in a brick and mortar store. I mostly got it because it’s the brown costume. It’s my favorite of Wolverine’s costumes and the one he wore when I first got into the X-Men.

    • So far, the only one I’ve seen at retail is the one I own. He does seem pretty popular. I think it actually has a lot to do with so many of us getting so comfortable with there being such a plethora of Wolverines available, so when he was gone for several years, there was a bit of withdrawal.

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