#1082: Jyn Erso – Eadu




Okay, so yesterday was technically the start of my Rogue One coverage, but the two figures covered there were both from The Force Awakens, so there wasn’t really a lot of new ground covered (especially since I’d already looked at both characters before).  Today, we really get started with the Rogue One stuff, kicking it off with one of the figures of the film’s main character, Jyn Erso, self-declared rebel.  In what is undoubtedly an attempt to avoid another #wheresrey type of controversy, Hasbro has made sure to get all manner of Jyn products out right out of the gate, with even more in the pipeline for later release.


jyneadu2Jyn is part of the first series of Star Wars: Rogue One 3 3/4-inch figures.  She is one of the three Jyn figures Hasbro put out on Rogue Friday.  From what we’ve seen in trailers for the film, Jyn has several distinct looks over the course of the film.  This figure is based on her Eadu look.  It says so on the package.  Presumably, Eadu is one of the planets that Jyn and her team travel to.  It’s not a look we’ve seen a lot of in the trailers, but that doesn’t mean we won’t see more of it in the movie. The garb she’s wearing here looks somewhat similar to the Endor gear from Jedi, so it’s consistent with he time period she’s supposed to be a part of.  The figure is just over 3 1/2 inches tall and she has 7 points of articulation.  I know, a whole two extra points of articulation!  It’s a Christmas miracle!  The extra movement is placed at her wrists, and very well hidden.  I almost didn’t realize it was there.  Jyn’s sculpt is about on par with the output from TFA, which is to say she’s very well proportioned and has a lot of fun little details.  The hat is a permanently attached piece, which isn’t a shock at this scale.  That might be more annoying were we not getting a whole slew of Jyn figures, but it’s acceptable in this case.  It’s hard to really say whether she looks like Felicity Jones, given just how small the head is, but she doesn’t look UNlike Jones, so I guess that’s good.  The main poncho piece is a separate piece of softer plastic, which has been glued in place (so it’s not coming off).  She’s sporting a breathing mask just like the ones used by Han, Leia, and Chewy in Empire.  It’s mostly just there as an extra bit of detail, but I guess you can get her to wear it if you want.  It’s a cool piece, but the tank part of it is glued to the poncho, right under her left arm, which means her arm is permanently stuck out just a bit.  All in all, not a bad sculpt, though.  The paintwork here is decent, and once again about on par with the TFA line.  She’s rather on the dull side, colorwise, but that’s accurate to what we’ve seen from the source material.  The eyes are a bit high-set, but other than that, the placement looks pretty good.  Jyn is packed with a blaster pistol, which she can either hold or place in her holster.  She also includes a large missile launcher, because, hey, Hasbro.  This one’s actually not terrible, and it’s certainly better than the build-a-thingies included with TFA figures.


Like Poe and the Snowtrooper, Jyn came from my trip to TRU’s midnight opening.  I wasn’t exactly sure which versions of Jyn we’d be seeing, but seeing as this was the only small-scale Jyn available, this was the one I got.  I actually like this look quite a bit, and though the figure isn’t perfect, she’s still pretty cool.  And, even if the movie totally blows, she’s still a pretty cool Rebel trooper, which I can certainly get behind.


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