#1093: Imperial Hovertank Pilot




Well, dear readers, we’ve made it to the end of the Rogue Friday stuff.  I’ve looked at all of the regular release figures that I’ve gotten.  However, I also managed to grab one of the many store-exclusives, that were up for grabs.  This one fits the theme of the last few days, being another Black Series figure. Rogue One is offering us a whole bunch of different specialized Imperial troopers, such as today’s Hovertank Pilot, who follows the precedent set by the TIE fighter pilots, the AT-AT drivers, and even the Biker Scouts, of being a trooper specifically designed to drive a thing.


hovertankpilot2The Imperial Hovertank Pilot is part of the Star Wars: The Black Series line and is a Toys R Us-exclusive figure.  He was released alongside the latest Black Series set on Rogue Friday, but appears to have shipped in cases of just Hovertank Pilots.  The figure stands about 6 inches tall and has 27 points of articulation.  So far, the figure has a totally unique sculpt, but that’s likely to change, given the closeness of the Pilot and Scarif Trooper designs.  From the looks of things, all of the Pilot’s armor but the helmet and belt is the same as the Scarif Trooper.  The helmet lacks the mouthpiece, sports a much thinner visor, and is wider at the base than the Scarif helmet, and the belt lacks the skirt, in favor of two slightly longer pouches on the frontmost pockets.  I like the design of the Pilot, but, like the Death Trooper, I’m not certain it quite fits the OT-aesthetic.  It’s certainly close (especially on the parts shared with the Scarif Trooper), but something about the helmet looks more First Order than Imperial.  Someone brought up that this figure almost looks like a first order take on the Biker Scout, and I kind of agree.  But, like I said, it’s still a solid design on its own.  The sculpt does a good job translating the design (at least from what we’ve seen of it), and features a nice assortment of smaller detail work.  In particular, I like the texturing on the clothing under the armor.  The shoulders seem a touch wide, but other than that, the proportions feel pretty solid.  The paintwork is actually a good deal better than a lot of Black Series figures.  Not only is the basic application pretty clean, but he’s also got some really great wear and tear on his armored parts, which makes him stand out a bit next to the other spotless Troopers we’ve gotten.  Here’s hoping we get more like him!  The Hovertank Pilot includes a standard Stormtrooper blaster.  Like some of the others in this series, he feels a little light on accessories, but I don’t really know what else you could give him.


So, I’m sure no one’s shocked to find out that I got this guy at TRU during their midnight opening event for Rogue Friday.  I actually wasn’t sure I was going to grab him, and I didn’t pick him up on my first pass.  However, when I looped back around to the Black Series figures, he was still there, and I decided to go for it.  I’m glad I did.  After K-2, I’d say this guy’s my favorite of the Rogue Friday stuff.  He’s just a very well put together figure.  I look forward to getting the Scarif Troopers on this body!

Okay, that’s it for the Rogue Friday stuff (well, mostly).  I think this launch was much more successful than the Force Awakens product, and I hope that Hasbro is able to keep it more or less consistent for the Episode VIII launch.  Only time will tell! Tomorrow, I’ll be back to some non-Star Wars figures.


#1092: Kylo Ren – Unmasked




Alright, let’s keep moving on with the Rogue One stuff.  Today we’ll be looking at…Kylo Ren?  Okay, I used my bad Terminator rip-off joke with the Poe set at the very beginning, so I can’t use it here.  Ummm…here’s Kylo Ren?

Kylo seems to be a rather polarizing character.  It seems that most either love him or despise him.  I fall into the first category, but can sort of understand people in the second.  I chalk my enjoyment of him up to his being perhaps the greatest onscreen portrayal of Dr Doom to date, in everything but name.  Anyway, Kylo’s gotten himself another figure, and I’m reviewing that figure today!


kylounmasked2Kylo Ren is the last figure in the first set of Rogue One-based Star Wars: The Black Series figures (the set is technically Series 7 of the Force Awakens stuff, which explains his present here).  He’s figure #26, and he’s the highest numbered Black Series figure to date, which is cool I suppose.  This Kylo was previously available at this year’s Celebration event, with a couple of extra pieces not included here, but this is his first main retail release.  The figure is about 6 1/4 inches tall and he has 26 points of articulation.  For the most part, this figure is the same as last year’s #03 Kylo.  The only difference between the two is the head, which is unmasked this time around (as denoted by the figure’s name).  The head offers a pretty good likeness of actor Adam Driver, looking just as pouty as he should.  The head fits well on the body, and looks the part, so no complaints here.  The body is alright; I still have my issues with the cloth parts, but I’ve come to terms with them now.  As far as paint goes, most of the changes are once again on the head, which is handled pretty well, though his skin is really pale.  The only change to the body is on the gloves, which have been given a shiny finish here, which actually makes the figure look a little better.  The exclusive Kylo had a lot of extras, including a First Order flag, Vader’s helmet, and an extra helmeted head.  This figure lacks those.  All he gets is two versions of his lightsaber.  Instead of the removable blade version from the first figure (which was technically inaccurate), he gets one with a permanently affixed blade and one without.


I hadn’t initially planned on Kylo being one of my Rogue Friday purchases.  In fact, I passed him up at TRU’s midnight opening (well, initially, anyway.  Then he was gone by the time I got back).  However, when I picked up the Death Trooper, this guy was sitting there too, and I just kind of wanted him.  I’m actually quite glad I picked him up, because he makes a few nice changes to the prior Kylo, and is just a really fun figure all-around.

#1091: Imperial Death Trooper




Picking up from yesterday’s intro, today marks the second of the two character designs to be featured in both the larger and smaller scale Rogue One lines from Hasbro.  To be fair to the Death Trooper, though, this is currently his only single-release figure, which certainly has some added appeal, doesn’t it?  Yeah, I’m sorry guys, I don’t have a lot of stuff I can say here, not having seen the movie and all.  Let’s just take a look at the figure, shall we?


deathtrooper2The Imperial Death Trooper is part of the first set of Rogue One-themed Star Wars: The Black Series figures, and he’s figure #25, making him the fourth figure in the set.  The figure stands about 6 1/2 inches tall and has 27 points of articulation.  While he doesn’t quite have the range of K-2, the posablity on this guy is a marked improvement over the First Order Troopers we got last year, and he doesn’t feel like he compromises his look for movement either, like the original trooper did.  Right off the bat, this Death Trooper doesn’t feel quite as insanely skinny as his small-scale counterpart.  He’s still more svelte than the average figure, but in a more realistic and believable way, which I think makes his whole design just look a tad better.  The detailing on the armor is nice and sharp, and there are plenty of extra details not seen on the smaller figure.  Getting a closer look at the armor, the Death Trooper really does feel like it belongs somewhere between the clones and the Stormtroopers chronologically.  Now, whether it’s actually supposed to be in-between is another matter entirely, but I like the shared elements.  It makes him fit in very well.  I also like the Darth Vader-style belt, which, as small as it is, still really sells the time period these guys come from.  I’m still not 100% sold on these guys fitting into the Original Trilogy timeline, but we’ll see how the movie handles it.  The paint on the Death Trooper is actually pretty impressive, especially when compared to the rather low level of detailing on the smaller figure.  There’s a ton of great little accent work on the armor (including a very slight green tint to the lenses on the helmet), and there’s even  noticeable difference between the finish on the armor and the underlying bodysuit.  The Death Trooper includes a large, shotgun-style gun (same as the smaller figure), as well as a smaller blaster, which is actually one of the available pistols in the latest Battlefront game.  Both guns are pretty cool, though, like Cassian’s blaster, I do wish they had a little bit of paint on them.


I missed the Death Trooper at the TRU midnight opening.  I made it a point to grab Jyn, Cassian, and K-2, but I moved onto the 3 3/4 inch figures before securing this guy, and by the time I got back, there were none of him left.  Fortunately, Target saved the day the following morning, placing him right at the front of the big display near the store’s entrance.  I wasn’t sure about the Death Trooper’s design at first, but the figure is definitely amongst the strongest in the initial assortment of products.

#1090: K-2SO




In contrast to their output from The Force Awakens, Hasbro has mostly steered away from doubling up character/costume selection for The Black Series and their smaller scale lines for their first batch of products.  There are a handful of exceptions, such as today’s subject K-2SO.  Of course, in K-2’s case, it seems acceptable, seeing as it looks like he’s only got the one look for the movie, and he’s definitely set to be a fan-favorite.  Let’s see how his second figure turned out!


k2sobs2K-2SO is part of the first set of Rogue One-themed Star Wars: The Black Series figures.  He’s figure #2, which makes him the third figure in the set.  The figure is 7 1/2 inches tall (making him shorter than only Chewbacca in terms of the other figures in the line) and he has 31 points of articulation, which is just downright impressive.  Even more impressive is the general posability. Pretty much everywhere that the real K-2 has movement, so does this figure.  The range of movement is the best we’ve seen on a Black Series figure.  K-2’s really cool design has been very nicely translated into figure form here.  The smaller scale figure had quite an impressive sculpt, so this one definitely had a bar to clear in that respect.  I’m happy to say it cleared that bar with room to spare.  K-2 is incredibly well detailed, with lots pf sharp work on the various plates and pistons.  This figure offers us a really nice look at some of the cool little details his design features to tie him in with the rest of the Imperial designs, such as the “OII” that is seen on the backs of the Stormtroopers, and the torso’s overall similarities to the Snowtrooper chest piece.  It helps to make K-2 feel appropriately Original Trilogy in style, as well as selling the whole “reprogrammed Imperial droid” thing.  The downfall of many a Hasbro figure is lackluster or even just mediocre paint, but that’s not the case with K-2.  The majority of the figure is done in a nice, dark gunmetal grey with a flat finish, which looks very accurate to the film.  On top of that, he’s got the proper detail work for his eyes, the orange around his shoulders and hips, and the Imperial insignias on his shoulders.  The insignias are slightly worn off, which, along with the other small bits of silver here and there, gives him a nice worn-in look, which is especially appropriate for an OT-era character.  K-2 has no accessories.  Early prototype shots showed him with a Stormtrooper blaster, but that was dropped somewhere along the way.  Given the size and quality of this guy, he hardly feels lacking.


This was the figure I most wanted going into the Rogue Friday midnight opening, and as such was the very first figure I grabbed when I got into TRU (though a lot of that was due to the Black Series display being the closest to the door).  K-2 is hands down the best item to come out of the Rogue One launch.  In fact, he’s possibly the best figure to come out of The Black Series period.  Heck, he may well be one of Hasbro’s best overall offerings of all of their various licenses.  This is a figure everyone should own, even if you haven’t seen a single Star Wars movie.  He’s just really, really, really cool.


1089: Cassian Andor – Eadu




One Rogue One character conspicuously missing from my 3 3/4-inch reviews was Diego Luna’s Cassian Andor, who looks to be one of the film’s central characters.  Currently, the only way to get a smaller scale Captain Andor is to buy the big U-Wing vehicle, which seemed like a touch much to me on top of all the other figures I bought.  Fortunately, there should be a number of different Cassians hitting shelves in the next month or so, so I shouldn’t be without one for long.  In the mean time, I can tide myself over with his larger scale figure, which I’ll be taking a look at today.


cassianeadu2Cassian Andor is part of the first assortment of Rogue One-themed Star Wars: The Black Series figures, and is #23, which makes him the second figure in the set chronologically.  As noted in his name, this figure is based on his look while on Eadu.  Judging by the number of layers this guy is wearing, it seems Eadu might be on par with Hoth in terms of extreme temperatures (though, as Jyn’s Eadu figure shows, maybe not *quite* as extreme as Hoth).  This is, admittedly, not a look we’ve seen much of Cassian wearing in the trailers (where he’s more often seen in the brown leather jacket-ed look that will be part of the Target-exclusive three-pack next month), but he was wearing the jacket in the very first cast shot we saw from Rogue One last year,  which gives it a bit of credence.  The figure stands about 6 inches tall and has 27 points of articulation.  Sculpturally, he’s about what you’d expect from a Black Series figure.  The details aren’t anything amazing, but they’re decent, and there’s certainly some nice work on the various parts of his clothing, especially on the gloves.  The head sculpt is alright, though I’m not seeing a whole lot of Luna in it.  Like last year’s Poe figure, this may be more of a paint issue than a sculpt one.  I do have to say, they did quite a nice job sculpting the stubble on his face.  It makes the grey paint on the lower half of his face look a bit less silly.  The figure’s mobility is a bit hampered by the sculpt, but that’s mostly to due with the design.  I imagine the exclusive figure will be a bit more posable.  The paint on Cassian is okay overall, with the best work being on the body.  Even the head’s not awful, just not quite right for the character.  It’s mostly to do with the solid black goatee, I think.  It makes him look like a totally different person.  For the most part, the paint is rather basic, with lots of solid patches of color.  I can’t help but feel that this is a figure that would have been greatly helped by some accent work, just to make him a bit more interesting. Cassian includes a helmet and goggles to complete his cold weather look, as well as a blaster pistol and a slightly larger blaster rifle.  The helmet is okay, but kind of on the bulky side.  The two blasters are cool, though I think the larger one could stand a little paint.


I was actually rather surprised to discover at TRU’s midnight opening that there was no small-scale Cassian available on his own.  This solidified my decision to pick up the full set of both scales, since I wanted K-2 in the smaller scale, but didn’t want to have K-2 without Cassian, meaning I needed to pick up this figure.  It’s like Hasbro planned it that way or something.  I’ve seen a lot of people calling Cassian the weakest of this particular bunch.  I don’t know that I can refute those claims.  He’s kind of on the average side, and easily gets lost compared to some of the other stellar figures in this set.  That being said, he’s still a solidly put together figure, and even if you aren’t interested in him as Cassian, he makes for a good Hoth attire Rebel soldier.


1088: Jyn Erso – Jedha




Alright, the 3 3/4-scale Rogue One stuff is done for now (though I’m sure there will be plenty more things for me to review, going by what Hasbro’s shown off in the last week), so we move on to the larger-scale Black Series stuff.  As of late, it’s been a little difficult to say where this line was headed, what with a large chunk of the Force Awakens stuff either showing up too sparsely, or being too heavily packed.  It looks like Rogue One might help getting things back on track.  The first of the new figures is main character Jyn Erso, who I’m looking at today!


jynbs2Jyn is sort of taking the place of last year’s First Order Stormtrooper in regards to release style.  She was first released as a preview item at this year’s SDCC, before being slotted into the regular release line-up.  She’ll also be showing up as part of the Target-exclusive 3-pack with Cassian Andor and the Death Trooper Specialist some time next month.  They all look to be the same figure, but for this review, I’m looking at the regular release figure.  She’s part of the first series of Rogue One-inspred Star Wars: The Black Series figures, and she’s figure #22, making her chronologically the first figure in the series.  Yes, you read that number right, she’s #22, meaning Hasbro actually kept the number scheme for The Black Series for more than a year.  And there was much rejoicing (yaaaaay.)  Jyn here is wearing her Jedha outfit, which, from what we’ve seen in the marketing for the movie looks to be a fairly present look.  The figure stands about 5 1/4 inches tall and she has 29 points of articulation.  Jyn’s sculpt is fairly decent overall, and is certainly on par with what we’ve come to expect from The Black Series.  The hood is kind of bulky and odd looking, but it’s not awful, and it can easily be removed, resulting in a superior figure.  The underlying head sculpt is pretty decent, and bears more than a passing resemblance to Felicity Jones (though it’s not quite spot on).  It’s a little softer than I might like, but it’s not awful.  The body sculpt is also pretty great, with a nice set of proportions and some nice layering on the various clothes.  The verst is technically removable, but since the arms still have the jacket sleeves on them, I can’t see many people removing it.  The paintwork on Jyn is passable.  It’s not anything amazing or anything, but it’s better than a lot of last year’s Black Series offerings, which is a nice improvement.  If Hasbro could start adding a little bit of accent work here and there, I think the figures could be even better.  Jyn’s only accessory is her blaster pistol (the same as the one included with her smaller-scale counterpart).  It’s a little light given the price (and the fact that the same series features are re-issue of last year’s Rey, which has a staff, BB-8, and an added lightsaber), but hood makes up for it a bit.


Jyn was one of the first items I grabbed from TRU during their midnight opening.  I didn’t know she’d be showing up in the Target set as well, or else I’d probably have held off on this particular release.  That being said, she’s a solid figure, and a lot of fun to mess around with.  There are worse things than owning two of a good figure, I suppose.

#1086: Imperial Ground Crew




It’s long been excepted that Star Wars toys will cover virtually every character to grace the screen (even ice cream maker guy), no matter how minor their role or how mundane their position.  With that in mind, you know those guys who stand out on airport runways with the illuminated cones and guide the planes in when it’s dark?  Well, today, I’m looking at the Star Wars equivalent.  Yes, it’s the Imperial Ground Crew, who I’m sure we all sort of knew existed, but never really thought they’d give any serious coverage to on screen.  But hey, here’s an action figure of them.


groundcrewro2The Imperial Ground Crew figure is part of the first series of Star Wars: Rogue One small-scale figures, and is in fact the last of the figures in the series to be based on Rogue One (with the last three figures being based on Rebels and The Force Awakens.)  The figure stands about 3 1/2 (the same height as a certain main character released in this series.  I’ll touch on that in just a bit) and has the same 5 points of articulation as most of the line.  In terms of construction and build, the Ground Crew member is noticeably shorter and slighter in build than the other Imperial figures in the line, which seemed a bit odd to me at first.  However, a closer examination and comparison to the Series 1 Jyn figure revealed that she and this figure share a very similar body type.  So, I pulled up the teaser trailer and, sure enough, this figure is sporting the uniform we see Jyn wearing at the end, and the neck peg on this figure is even compatible with the Jyn figure I have (though, to be truly accurate, she shouldn’t have the hat/goggles).  Hasbro just recently showed off the prototype to a disguised Jyn figure that makes use of the same body as this figure.  That poses an interesting question: is this figure meant to be Jyn, or perhaps the specific Crew member Jyn steals her uniform from.  And, with that in mind, would the build of this figure indicate that we actually have a decidedly female trooper for the ranks?  That would certainly be cool if true, and would make Jyn’s infiltration in the film all the more believable.  Anyway, all that aside, the sculpt on this figure is pretty decently handled. The armor’s detailing looks similar to what we’ve seen of the uniform so far, and is also in keeping with pre-existing Imperial designs, which is certainly a good thing.  It’s also been pointed out that, for once, the groundcrewro3straight-armed nature of the less articulated figures actually works pretty well with a figure’s intended purpose, namely directing aircraft.  As far as paint goes, the Ground Crew figure is pretty good overall, but has one notable issue: the color of the jumpsuit.  Images we’ve seen from the movie show the whole thing to be a pretty consistent black, but here the jumpsuit is a dark grey instead.  It’s possible this is a case of what you see on screen vs. how it actually looks  in person (Han’s Hoth coat in ESB and the jumpsuits in Ghostbusters are good examples of this), in which case it’s not really Hasbro’s fault, since they would be working from the actual designs, not the final film.  On the plus side, there’s some pretty solid small detail work here, especially on the two Imperial logos.  The Ground Crew figure includes a pair of batons, which can be held or stowed on the figure’s back.  The figure also has a big goofy jetpack thing, but it’s worth noting that it’s actually a lot more fun than other gimmick accessories from the line.


Like yesterday’s Stormtrooper, this figure comes from my second round of Rogue Friday purchases, and was mostly picked up so I’d be eligible for the promotion Target was running.  I actually didn’t think much of this figure at first, but after opening it up and messing with it a bit, I really like it.  Sure, it’s not as exciting a figure as, say, K-2, but it’s a solid addition to the line nonetheless.


#1085: Imperial Stormtrooper




Sometimes, you just can’t beat the classics.  While the First Order and the Clone Troopers were perfectly fine designs, they were, at their core, just imitations of the original Imperial Stormtrooper.  After 15 years of revamps and redesigns, there is a certain sort of relief to getting to see the classic Stormtroopers back up on the big screen in Rogue One.  Of course, the actual troopers have never been far from toy shelves (though they were almost totally absent from all of the Force Awakens-related stuff), but now there’s even more excuse to see a whole slew of new Stormtrooper figures.  Let’s look at one of them today!


stormtrooperro2The Stormtrooper is another figure from the first series of basic 3 3/4 inch figures from the Star Wars: Rogue One line.  The figure is just shy of 4 inches tall and he has the usual 5 points of articulation.  Despite Hasbro having a number of previously existing classic Stormtroopers in this scale and style, this figure is an all-new sculpt.  This figure is based on the Rogue One design for the trooper, which I’ve heard from some Stormtrooper aficionados has some tweaks that differentiate it from the A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi, but is more or less the same look (in fact, it’s just as similar to one of those movie’s armor designs as they are to each other).  Though this figure may have a more simplistic articulation scheme, the sculpt is certainly not simplistic.  The head in particular, appears to be the most faithful 3 3/4-inch re-creation of the Stormtrooper helmet that Hasbro has produced.  The details look pretty much perfect, and the sculpt is surprisingly sharp.  The body isn’t quite as amazing as the head, but it’s still pretty solid.  The details of the armor have been translated quite nicely.  They’re pretty sharply detailed, but just a touch softer than the helmet.  The proportions are pretty solid, and actually look fairly human, and the pose, while still just a straight up and down sort of pose, is more natural and relaxed than, say, yesterday’s Scarif Squad Leader.  The paint work on the Stormtrooper is okay, but not without a few small issues, mostly to do with small details being left unpainted.  While he avoids really obvious missed details (like the missing black for the shoulders on the Rebels Stormtrooper), he’s missing a few of the black details on the front of the torso, as well as the grey details on the back of the helmet.  On the plus side, what is there is pretty solidly handled, with the head in particular exhibiting some very clean detail work.  Also, the glossy finish of the armor is very much appreciated, and gives the figure a much more put together look.  The Stormtrooper includes a standard blaster, as well as a torso piece with a pauldron attached.  The piece clips over the figure’s torso, and the top portion pops off, revealing a blaster-damaged torso beneath.  Because it clips over the existing torso, it’s a bit on the bulky side, and it’s clearly designed more for play than display.  That being said, it’s not the worst thing ever, and it’s certainly preferable to another big missile launcher.


I did not actually get this figure in my first round of Rogue Friday purchases from TRU.  I had initially dismissed it as being nothing more than a simple re-release.  However, on my second round of purchases from Target Friday morning, I got a closer look at the figure, and noticed that it was a much nicer sculpt than I’d initially thought.  Since I was buying two of the Black Series figures and I wanted to take advantage of Target’s $10 off a $50 purchase, I figured he was worth the investment.  I’m very pleased with this figure, and I think it might be one of the best basic Stormtrooper figures ever produced!


#1084: Moroff & Scarif Stormtrooper Squad Leader




Well, I’m still without power here where I live, which makes getting these reviews written and posted more than a little difficult.  But have no fear dear readers, I’ve found a place where I have access to wifi, all just to write today’s review.  It’s all for you guys! Okay, no not really.

So, back to the Rogue One stuff!  I’ve looked at two of the more prominent characters from the movie (as well two characters not from the movie).  Today, I’ll be looking at one of the Empire’s faceless minions (with a new hat—I mean new armor!) alongside one of Rogue One’s new alien characters.  Yes, it’s Moroff and the Scarif Stormtrooper Squad Leader!


Moroff and the Scarif Stormtrooper Squad Leader are the second set from the first series of Battle Packs from the Star Wars: Rogue One line.  Unlike the last two-pack, these guys both hail from Rogue One.


morofftrooper4Moroff (or is it THE Moroff?  I really don’t know yet.  The bio lacks any “the” so I’m guessing his name is just “Moroff”) is apparently muscle for hire, at least going by the bio.  That’s a pretty cool idea I suppose.  Given this is a VS pack, it would appear he’s sold his muscle to the heroes for the purposes of this story.  Wasn’t that nice of him?  His figure is about 4 3/4 inches tall (he’s just a smudge shorter than K-2) and he has 5 points of articulation (though the neck movement is practically non-existent).  Given what I’ve been able to find of Moroff online, the sculpt looks to be fairly accurate.  It’s certainly quite detailed, though the hair, like any sculpted hair, sort of has to be compromised.  He’s about on par with a Chewbacca figure in that respect.  In fact, he seems to share more than a few design elements with the Wookies, though whether there is any sort of connection is not evident at this point.  The coolest parts of the sculpt are definitely the tech-y parts.  The rebreather is a neat piece, and I’m curious to find out what the story is behind that.  Also, I really appreciate the heft on this guy; it helps him stand out from the rest of the released figures.  Moroff’s paintwork is okay, if not the best we’ve seen.  The large amounts of cream-colored plastic look a little cheesy.  There’s some slight brown at the base of the feet, which breaks it up a bit, but also looks sort of weird since it doesn’t match the rest of him.  Despite the slight goofiness of the main body, the various extra bits are all very nicely painted, and help breakup the cream coloring a little bit.  Moroff is the half of this set “blessed” with the missile launching apparatus.  It’s similar in design to the one that came with Poe, but obviously much larger.  It’s not terrible looking, and some of the shots we’ve seen of Moroff show that the actual backpack part of it is accurate to Moroff’s pack from the film, minus the actual blasters.  Since the “arms” can be removed, it doubles as an actual accessory.  Moroff also includes a large, non-missile launching blaster, which also looks to be movie accurate.


morofftrooper3Wow, this guy’s got a long name, doesn’t he?  Guess the OT Imperials were a little jealous of the First Order’s really long names, and just had to catch up.  So, going by this guy’s bio, Scarif is where one of the Imperial’s top-secret HQ’s is located, which makes these guys something of an elite force, hence the fancy new armor design.  Yes, that’s why they look different.  It’s in no way so that there’s another Stormtrooper to sell toys of.  That’s the crazy talk.  It appears there are a few different Scarif Trooper designs in the movie, but this guy is based on the Squad Leader look, which adds some extra colors and gives him the little command skirt that the Clone Commanders were oh so fond of.  The figure stands about 3 3/4 inches tall and has the usual 5 points of articulation.  He’s sporting an all-new sculpt, which looks to be a pretty close re-creation of the design from the movie (going by what we’ve seen so far).  It’s a good design, and it translates well into the smaller toy form.  Perhaps my only issue with this guy is the stiffness of his stance.  He looks very rigid, and it’s only made worse when you try to give him his gun, which he can’t even get close to holding like his illustrated counterpart from the packaging.  I don’t hate the lessened articulation inherently, but it might be nice if Hasbro started sculpting some of the troopers with their arms posed to accommodate holding their rifles properly, much like the later POTF2 figures.  As far as paint goes, the Scarif Trooper’s not bad.  He’s a little cleaner than his onscreen counterpart, but that’s consistent with the rest of the line.  The colors are nice and vibrant, which is always a nice thing to see.  The Trooper’s only accessory is his blaster rifle, which looks like a good match to the piece in the art on the package.  He’s a little lacking, but the Moroff’s extras make up for it.


This is another set I grabbed from TRU’s midnight opening.  I actually saw this set a few days before Rogue Friday at a nearby Walmart, but all the Rogue One products were street date locked, so I couldn’t buy them.  I liked the look of the Scarif Trooper, so this was one of the items I was on the look out for.  I actually didn’t know what to expect from this set initially.  I really wanted the trooper, but didn’t care all that much about Moroff.  After getting the set, the trooper’s still my favorite in terms of overall look, but the Moroff was a pleasant surprise.  They’re both solid figures, and I’m glad I got this set.

#1083: K-2SO



Hey guys! So, I’m currently sitting in my powerless apartment writing this review, courtesy of hurricane Matthew. I’ve actually written this review out usin g paper and pencil, so, you know, old school! If I’m very lucky, my power might be restored by the time this is published, but probably not. Oh well.
Moving past that, let’s get back to the Star Wars figures! Today, I’ll be looking at Rogue One’s most intriguing character (to me, anyway), the repurposed Imperial Security Droid turned hero, K-2SO!


k2sosmall2Like yesterday’s Jyn Erso figure, K-2 is from the first series of smaller-scale Star Wars: Rogue One figures. As far as I know, K-2 just has the one look in the movie, and that’s the look seen here. The figure stands 4 ¾ inches tall and he has 6 points of articulation. It’s worth noting that not only does K-2 have an extra point of articulation (there’s a ball-joint at the base of his neck AND the base of his head), he also gets ball-joints for all of his joints, giving him some of the best mobility in the line. The only downside is he’s a little hard to keep standing, but he’s certainly workable. K-2’s sculpt is certainly a very strong one. He has no actor’s likeness, but the likeness of the character is certainly there. His design has been captured very well here (even if the non-functioning joints on the arms and legs are annoying). All of the sculpted details are nice and crisp, and he just looks like he’s supposed to. The paintwork on this figure is also pretty good, especially given the scale. While some of the details such as weathering have been removed or dialed back, there’s still plenty of really top notch work here, and there aren’t any details that have gone completely unpainted. K-2’s only accessory is his big, goofy grapple-thingy, which I feel fairly certain is not an authentic extra from the movie. At least it matches him stylistically, I guess.


K-2 is one character that I knew that I wanted going into Rogue Friday. I love Alan Tudyk, I love robots, and this guy in particular has a pretty sweet looking design. This was the first of the smaller figures that I grabbed from TRU’s display, and I was very happy to get him. He’s probably the best basic figure Hasbro’s produced since they switched to the lowered articulation.