#1083: K-2SO



Hey guys! So, I’m currently sitting in my powerless apartment writing this review, courtesy of hurricane Matthew. I’ve actually written this review out usin g paper and pencil, so, you know, old school! If I’m very lucky, my power might be restored by the time this is published, but probably not. Oh well.
Moving past that, let’s get back to the Star Wars figures! Today, I’ll be looking at Rogue One’s most intriguing character (to me, anyway), the repurposed Imperial Security Droid turned hero, K-2SO!


k2sosmall2Like yesterday’s Jyn Erso figure, K-2 is from the first series of smaller-scale Star Wars: Rogue One figures. As far as I know, K-2 just has the one look in the movie, and that’s the look seen here. The figure stands 4 ¾ inches tall and he has 6 points of articulation. It’s worth noting that not only does K-2 have an extra point of articulation (there’s a ball-joint at the base of his neck AND the base of his head), he also gets ball-joints for all of his joints, giving him some of the best mobility in the line. The only downside is he’s a little hard to keep standing, but he’s certainly workable. K-2’s sculpt is certainly a very strong one. He has no actor’s likeness, but the likeness of the character is certainly there. His design has been captured very well here (even if the non-functioning joints on the arms and legs are annoying). All of the sculpted details are nice and crisp, and he just looks like he’s supposed to. The paintwork on this figure is also pretty good, especially given the scale. While some of the details such as weathering have been removed or dialed back, there’s still plenty of really top notch work here, and there aren’t any details that have gone completely unpainted. K-2’s only accessory is his big, goofy grapple-thingy, which I feel fairly certain is not an authentic extra from the movie. At least it matches him stylistically, I guess.


K-2 is one character that I knew that I wanted going into Rogue Friday. I love Alan Tudyk, I love robots, and this guy in particular has a pretty sweet looking design. This was the first of the smaller figures that I grabbed from TRU’s display, and I was very happy to get him. He’s probably the best basic figure Hasbro’s produced since they switched to the lowered articulation.

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