#1090: K-2SO




In contrast to their output from The Force Awakens, Hasbro has mostly steered away from doubling up character/costume selection for The Black Series and their smaller scale lines for their first batch of products.  There are a handful of exceptions, such as today’s subject K-2SO.  Of course, in K-2’s case, it seems acceptable, seeing as it looks like he’s only got the one look for the movie, and he’s definitely set to be a fan-favorite.  Let’s see how his second figure turned out!


k2sobs2K-2SO is part of the first set of Rogue One-themed Star Wars: The Black Series figures.  He’s figure #2, which makes him the third figure in the set.  The figure is 7 1/2 inches tall (making him shorter than only Chewbacca in terms of the other figures in the line) and he has 31 points of articulation, which is just downright impressive.  Even more impressive is the general posability. Pretty much everywhere that the real K-2 has movement, so does this figure.  The range of movement is the best we’ve seen on a Black Series figure.  K-2’s really cool design has been very nicely translated into figure form here.  The smaller scale figure had quite an impressive sculpt, so this one definitely had a bar to clear in that respect.  I’m happy to say it cleared that bar with room to spare.  K-2 is incredibly well detailed, with lots pf sharp work on the various plates and pistons.  This figure offers us a really nice look at some of the cool little details his design features to tie him in with the rest of the Imperial designs, such as the “OII” that is seen on the backs of the Stormtroopers, and the torso’s overall similarities to the Snowtrooper chest piece.  It helps to make K-2 feel appropriately Original Trilogy in style, as well as selling the whole “reprogrammed Imperial droid” thing.  The downfall of many a Hasbro figure is lackluster or even just mediocre paint, but that’s not the case with K-2.  The majority of the figure is done in a nice, dark gunmetal grey with a flat finish, which looks very accurate to the film.  On top of that, he’s got the proper detail work for his eyes, the orange around his shoulders and hips, and the Imperial insignias on his shoulders.  The insignias are slightly worn off, which, along with the other small bits of silver here and there, gives him a nice worn-in look, which is especially appropriate for an OT-era character.  K-2 has no accessories.  Early prototype shots showed him with a Stormtrooper blaster, but that was dropped somewhere along the way.  Given the size and quality of this guy, he hardly feels lacking.


This was the figure I most wanted going into the Rogue Friday midnight opening, and as such was the very first figure I grabbed when I got into TRU (though a lot of that was due to the Black Series display being the closest to the door).  K-2 is hands down the best item to come out of the Rogue One launch.  In fact, he’s possibly the best figure to come out of The Black Series period.  Heck, he may well be one of Hasbro’s best overall offerings of all of their various licenses.  This is a figure everyone should own, even if you haven’t seen a single Star Wars movie.  He’s just really, really, really cool.


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