#1108: Rage




There are a lot of rather obscure characters in comics.  It sort of comes with the territory, since you can’t expect every single character who appears in a monthly installment of serialized fiction to be beloved by the masses.  What’s interesting with some of these characters is how close to high profile they get.  Take today’s entry, Rage, for instance.  Rage was a member of the Avengers, for over a year no-less, but most people would be completely unable to ID the guy if they saw him.  He did get something of a cult following from his stint with the New Warriors, and now he’s even got an action figure, so maybe things are looking up for him!


rage2Rage is from the second series of the 3 3/4 inch scale Marvel Legends line by Hasbro.  Thanks to Living Laser’s presence in the set, he may not even be the most obscure character from the series, which is kinda saying something.  The figure stands a little over 4 inches tall and he has 19 points of articulation.  The reduced articulation of this line is something I’ve addressed a few times, and mostly I don’t find it ruins or holds back the figures too badly.  However, Rage seems far stiffer in terms of range than prior figures, and on top of that, his head can’t actually turn more than a few degrees before popping off, which is really annoying.  Rage is seen here in his original costume.  It’s not a particularly attractive design, but let me tell you, he’s had far, far worse during his career.  Rage is built on one of the larger male bodies, with character specific pieces for the head, lower arms, and lower legs, and add-ons for his jacket and belt.  The jacket and belt are definitely very strong pieces, and the hands and feet are pretty good too.  Something about the body and the head seems a little too smooth for me.  Like he’s unfinished or something.  It’s hard to say, but it really feels evident on the torso.  It’s on par with a lot of the other stuff from this particular line, so I can’t really say he’s an outlier in that regard, but I also can’t say that’s much of a point in his favor.  I just sort of wish the whole sculpt matched the quality on the vest.  Rage’s paintwork is generally pretty straight forward.  It’s mostly just solid color work, which works fine for the character.  There’s a little bit of accenting on the vest and pants, which goes a long way, and gives him some much needed pop.  Rage has no accessories, but I can’t really think of what you’d give him anyway.


Rage here was picked up for me by totally rad brother, who got him for me while I was away with Super Awesome Girlfriend and her family.  Back when the Marvel Universe line was in full-swing, I put a lot of effort into tracking down as many Avengers in that scale as I could get ahold of, so from that perspective, Rage is pretty cool to finally have.  Could he be better? Probably, but this is quite possibly the only Rage we’re ever going to see, and he’s far from the worst thing ever.

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