#1204: Director Krennic




So, now that we’re in February, we’re sort of in that slow time of the year for toy collecting.  It’s been over a month since the onslaught of product pushed out for Christmas, and we’re still a couple of weeks away from all of Toy Fair’s cool reveals.  Of course, that just makes it the perfect time for me to catch up on some overdue reviews of things I got before the new year, now doesn’t it?

Back in December, I took a look at one of the two figures of Director Orson Krennic, the primary antagonist of Rogue One.  Well, I did manage to find the other figure, so now I’ll be taking a look at him too!  Yippee!


krennicsmall2Krennic was released as part of the second series of Rogue One figures from Hasbro.  He was apparently only one to a case, so he’s been the most difficult of the series to track down at retail (which is why he’s the very last Series 2 figures I’m reviewing.)  His figure stands a little under 4 inches tall and has the usual 5 points of articulation.  For some figures, the lowered articulation can be very limiting, but for a character like Krennic, who seems to spend a lot of his time just standing around, it’s actually not terrible.  The smaller Krennic has another all-new sculpt, but, like his larger counterpart, I wouldn’t be shocked to see this put into use for some other Imperial Officers at some point.  While this figure isn’t packing any ground breaking detail work, the quality of the sculpt is still really solid.  All the important uniform details are there, and the head even has a passing resemblance to Mendelsohn (I actually think it’s a little better than the larger figure in that regard).  The figure is topped off by a plastic cape, which is quite nicely rendered, and easily the highlight of this particular figure.  Krennic’s paintwork is pretty good overall; the colors match the onscreen look and the application is fairly clean.  The eyes are a bit goofy; he looks like someone just told him they don’t like Star Wars; but they’re actually a bit cleaner than this scale usually gets.  Krennic includes his custom blaster pistol, which is sporting a good deal more paint than the average weapon in this line, and he also comes with the requisite giant missile launcher, which is just as silly and goofy as you’re all expecting it to be.


Krennic was the source of much searching after I got the rest of Series 2 back on Black Friday.  I ended up finding him while killing some time at a sort of out of the way Target.  He was my consolation prize for not breaking down and buying the AT-ACT while it was on clearance.  Having already gotten the Black Series figure, there’s not a ton of new ground with this guy, but I’m still happy to have found him, if for nothing more than completion’s sake.

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