#1205: Greg Universe & Watermelon Steven




Hey, let’s mix things up a bit and look at something a little different from the usual.  A few months back, Super Awesome Girlfriend introduced me to Steven Universe, and I’m almost all the way caught up now.  I gotta say, I’ve really enjoyed the show quite a bit, and I really like a lot of the character designs.  As of right now, there aren’t any proper action figures from the show (which is a shame, because I would buy a good number of them).  However, Funko has the license (because why wouldn’t they?  It’s a license that *exists*, so that falls under their usual category of coverage), and they’ve done the characters from the show in a few of their in-house styles/line.  One of they more recent lines is Pint Size Heroes, which just so happens to be the source of my first Steven Universe merch.  Today I’ll be looking at Steven’s dad Greg, as well as one of the Watermelon Stevens from the episodes “Watermelon Steven” and “Super Watermelon Island.”


watermelonsteven4These two are both part of the first series of Funko’s Steven Universe: Pint Size Heroes, and they come blind-bagged.  There are a few store-exclusive figures in the set, but Greg and Melon Steven are both regular releases.  Greg is packed 1/12 and Steven is 1/24.  The two figures stand about an inch and a half tall (Steven’s got a little extra height, thanks to the hair) and the each have a cut joint at the neck.  They share the same body piece; it’s pretty simple, and looks a bit like a Russian nesting doll.  The only real discernible detail is the presence of arms on either side.  The two are topped off by unique head sculpts (well, unique in terms of this review; Steven’s head is shared with all the other Stevens in the set).  Steven’s head is the stronger, since his design is already a bit closer to the style, but Greg’s sculpt watermelonsteven2certainly captures the important parts of the character.  The rest of the details are rendered via paint.  Greg’s is the slightly more complex paint job.  It’s pretty decent overall; you can make out his tank top and cut-off jeans, and even his slight farmer’s tan (side note: how does he keep that going?  We almost never see him in anything but this exact outfit, and yet he’s perpetually got the outline of a t-shirt we’ve never seen him in).  The mouth is a little weird, and the eyes seem just a bit too far apart to me, but it’s clear who he’s supposed to be.  Steven’s paint is a bit more simplistic, but I also think it’s the stronger work.  The greens go well together, and they’re pretty evenly applied, so that’s good.  Also, the eyes work better on this figure, since the Watermelon Stevens just had black dots for eyes anyway, thus requiring less translation.  The mouth is a cool touch, and I really like the little spots inside to indicate the texture.  Neither of these two came with any extras (nor do any of the other figures in the line, for what it’s worth).


So, back on our anniversary, I got Super Awesome Girlfriend a stuffed Lion and grabbed one of these Pint Size Heroes at random.  They all come with a little foldout showing the rest of the figures in the set, and she’s spent the last month dead-set on collecting them all (I’ve created a mooooonnnnsterrrrr!).  Of course, with them being blind-bagged, that means a good deal of extras.  While most of the extras have gone to another friend of hers, I got dibs on Greg and Watermelon Steven, since Greg’s my favorite character and “Super Watermelon Island” is one of my favorite episodes.  They’re not my usual thing, but they’re still a lot of fun.  Now, if I could just get some proper action figures, that’d be great.


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