#2146: Reinhardt



Because I’m something of a glutton for punishment, I like to do things to myself such as grouping up reviews of things with which I’m not overly familiar.  Case in point: Overwatch.  My knowledge of the game really just comes from the toy I’ve seen that accompany it, which certainly makes for a slightly askew idea of what the whole thing is about, I suppose.  A pretty regular fixture of the tie-in stuff is today’s offering, Reinhardt, the big tanky guy!


Reinhardt is a solo release as part of the Overwatch Ultimates line from Hasbro.  His release coincided with the first series, but he himself was far too large to fit into a standard assortment package.  Measuring 7 1/2 inches tall and almost as wide, he’s certainly the biggest figure offered up in this line, and size wise he’s comparable to a Marvel Legends Build-A-Figure.  He has 30 points of articulation, making him rather mobile for someone quite so bulky.  Obviously, there’s a bit of restriction on some of the joints, he is a big tank and all, but it’s not quite as limited as you might think at first glance, especially with his articulated shoulder pads and skirt piece.  Another nice thing about all the articulation is that it helps him really plant his feet soundly and keep standing, a definite plus when it comes to a figure as heavy and potentially destructive as this one.  Reinhardt is a solid construction, so he’s certainly a heavy boy.  Reinhardt’s sculpt is a pretty clean translation of his design from the game, and certainly gets that appropriate giant mecha feel that he has there.  The soft plastic for his head means that his horns cane out of the package a little misshapen, but he’s other wise free from any major QC issues.  Even the paint work on him is pretty solidly handled.  Application is clean and crisp, and the colors are bold and eye catching.  There’s a touch of slop on the edges of some of the yellows, but nothing too terrible.  Reinhardt is packed with his hammer, which is a little difficult to get into his hands at first, but one it’s there, it’s not going anywhere.  He’s also got his shield, which is quite sizable and honestly looks more like a serving tray than something from a toy.  It mounts to his arm, and includes two stands for extra stability.


I may not know much about the game, but when Hasbro showed off Reinhardt, I was definitely interested.  His design is definitely a solid one, and looked like it would make for a cool toy.  When Game Stop was running a sale, it was hard to say no.  I’m pretty happy with this figure.  He’s just a solid toy, and doesn’t feel super overpriced given what you get with him.  He also sets a nice precedent of Hasbro selling larger figures in ways other than as BaFs, which I’m on board for.

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