#3154: Storm



“With her weather manipulation powers Storm can summon lightning across the sky, or gentle rain over a parched land.”

Back in June, I looked at the first two figures in Hasbro’s X-Men: The Animated Series-inspired sub-line of Marvel Legends.  They’ve been rather steadily putting up pre-orders for additional figures, and, thanks to the onslaught of everything that was supposed to show up over the course of the next year showing up exactly now, I’ve got another one of them to look at!  Today’s focus is the mistress of weather herself, Storm!


Storm is the fourth figure in Hasbro’s X-Men: The Animated Series sub-line of Marvel Legends.  Between her and the previously released Jubilee, there was also a Mr. Sinister, but I opted to pass on that one in order to focus on just the team.  This marks the fourth of the ’90s-ispired Storms under the Legends branding, spanning both Toy Biz and Hasbro.  As with the prior figures, Storm ships in a VHS-inspired package, to really sell the animation angle.  The figure stands 6 1/4 inches tall and she has 27 points of articulation.  Storm’s construction is largely the same as the prior ’90s Storm figure, meaning she’s on the medium female base body, with the unique torso and upper arms.  She gets an all-new, more animation accurate head sculpt, which is a pretty nice piece.  Seeing as Jubilee was completely without new parts, at least getting the one here is cool.  I was bummed to see that the cape is still that really thin paper-like material, and it’s still rather creased out of the package.  It’s not like it’s worse, or anything, and I guess I wasn’t really expecting it to be better, but a part of me still hoped.  One other thing I noticed about this particular release that bugs me is that the mold appears to be suffering from some degradation, resulting in some serious difficulties keeping the figure standing.  She fell about 10 times during the photo session for the review.  I’m not a huge fan of that.  The paint work on Storm is on par with the other two.  They’ve given her that simulated cel-shading, which still manages to work from most angles.  Also, as a rarity for a Storm figure, she actually gets pupils, which is a fun change.  Storm is packed with an alternate set of hands with electricity effects (re-used from the GSXM Storm).  It’s a bit light compared to the others, I feel; I’d have liked to at least get one extra head, even if it were the same one, just with the pupils whited out.  But, I guess it’s nice to at least get something, right?


I must confess, I didn’t jump on Storm right away.  The first two figures in the line really got me invested, but Sinsiter cooled things down, so I kind of slept on getting this one.  Adding to that is the fact that I was actually pretty happy with the Retro Storm from a few years back, so I didn’t really need the upgrade in the same way that I did with Wolverine and Jubilee.  That said, once Jean went up for pre-order, I doubled back for Storm, realizing that I would probably want the whole team in a more cohesive style.  I’m glad I went for it.  She’s not as showy as the others, but I like the changes, and I’m looking forward to getting the whole team assembled.

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