#3210: Hawkman



Despite both of their backstories heavily involving ancient Egypt, Hawkman and Black Adam haven’t had a ton of interacting over the years.  They were both present on the JSA for a bit, but otherwise, they kind of get steered clear of each other.  All that said, the fact that the do both have that ancient Egypt thing going (and despite the fact that the vagueness of “ancient Egypt” could very well place the two of them hundreds of years displaced from each other in the timeline) does make it *seem* like they should be a little bit related.  So, I guess it’s not an incredible surprise that Hawkman is one one of the JSA members joining Black Adam for his cinematic debut, portrayed in the film by actor Aldis Hodge.  As with the rest of the JSA team, he got toy treatment, and I’m looking at his figure today!


Hawkman is another part of the first assortment of basic figures from Spin Master’s Black Adam line.  He’s available both as a single and packed alongside Black Adam with the big jet thing.  It appears the two figures are identical between the two releases.  The figure stands a little over 3 3/4 inches tall and has 17 points of articulation.  Of the three I’ve grabbed from this line, Hawkman’s definitely the most restricted on the articulation front.  He gets the new style of hips, which I’m still iffy on, and his shoulders also wind up being rather restricted by the armor.  I was also a little bummed to discover that the way that the wings peg into place doesn’t allow them to be posed in any way, but they are at the very least two separate pieces.  Hawkman’s sculpt is a unique one, based on his design.  Like yesterday’s Atom Smasher figure, he’s closer to the source material than the earlier Dr. Fate figure, due again to Hawkman’s costume appearing to be largely practical.  The design’s not a bad one, checking off most of the basic Hawkman requirements.  The chest armor’s something we’ve seen crop up on every live action Hawkman, so it’s hardly a shock here.  The only thing I’m not really into is the red pants, which just feel too far removed from his classic green ones.  That said, it’s a pretty minor thing, really.  The sculpt on this guy is alright.  Probably the weakest of the three I’ve looked at.  The details feel just a little bit softer this time around, and the helmet winds up looking a touch too goony.  He also just looks really scrawny compared to the others.  Aldis Hodge isn’t a huge guy, but I also don’t feel like he’s quite this small in the role.  The figure’s paint work is generally pretty basic.  Nothing too crazy, just standard color work for the most part.  It’s all fairly clean.  The eyes again fall into that goony territory, but it’s not awful.  Hawkman is packed with his usual mace, in silver, as well as axe, in gold.  Both are just pretty standard issue, which is fine by me, even if I do low-key kind of miss the goofier accessories like we saw with Atom Smasher.


Fate and Atom Smasher are the only two from this line that I felt like I definitely had to have.  Hawkman’s fine and all, but I didn’t feel like I *needed* him.  When Max found me Atom Smasher, he also found this guy, and given the price point, it didn’t really make much sense to skip him.  He’s my least favorite of the three, but that doesn’t mean he’s bad.  In fact, I do kinda dig him.  And now I feel like I kinda have to buy the other two, just to round out the set.

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