Matty’s Corner #0003: Shadow the Hedgehog



Hi, Ethan here!  Welcome to Matthew’s Corner, where I’m collecting the mad ramblings of my 6 year old Matthew, who also likes to talk about action figures.  What can I say, I’m sympathetic to his need to ramble about action figures.  So, I’m just gonna let him take it away…though, for what it’s worth, I’m still transcribing for him.

This is Matthew back on the writing!  I told you I would meet you back with Shadow, and I thought about being back with Venom, but I said “no, I could never miss saying that”  I said I was gonna be back on Shadow.  So, I am back on Shadow.  Now I’m gonna stop with this.  But I’m still back on Shadow.  My dog’s name is Shadow.  But I’m not reviewing my dog.  I’m reviewing Shadow.


Shadow is from, right now only, Sonic the video game.  The figure is from the Sonic line.  Jakks Pacific makes the Sonic line.  Aaaaah.  Aaaaah.  Aaaaah.  Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.  Okay, just being weird.  I meant to do that.  But, Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.  Okay, now I’m actually done.  For once in a lifetime, someone has to be done with something.  And I am.  I am back reviewing SHADOW!  MY DOG!  No, not my dog.  I’ve not actually finished the review yet.  Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah.  Okay, so now I’m really done.  Sorry for being stupid in the other part.  The figure of this has 17 joints.  I really like the detailing of the figure.  I like the painting and I like the sculpting.  I like the fur detailing on his chest because I think that’s really hard to do.  So if the person that made this hears that, thank you, that’s really impressive.  I really like the shoes.  I think they’re really detailed and intense.  Especially how they’re symmetrical.  The most talented sculpting would probably be the head on the back.  It’s really pointy and the colors are where they’re supposed to be.  Now we’re going to pronouncing the colors of everything on the figure.  The gloves are white, and part of the shoes is also white, and the curvy part of the eyes, and then the chest fur is white, but just a little bit.  Now we are going to be listing the black things on this figure.  The head is black, but not all-purposely, and part of the not-white part of the shoes is black, and of course the nose is black, and part of an arm thing is black too.  Now we’re listing the gold and orange things.  The gold things are the things on the arm and then part of the shoes, and the outside of the mouth, and the inside of the ears.  Last but not least, the red things on this figure!  The bottom of the shoes are red, and part of the spikes on his head are red, and his eyes too, and part of his arm pads.  That’s all of the color listing.  Shadow comes with a coin.  It’s only in like one picture.  The coin is pretty cool.  And, one thing, the colors.  There’s only gold and red.  The number “10” is red, and the outside of all of that is gold.


The reason why I got Shadow is because I really liked Sonic the Hedgehog 2, so I planned on getting two figures from it and only two, because Ethan likes Knuckles, so I let him get that one.  The reason why I got Shadow is because I needed a third person.  What is Sonic without three people?  So, I got Shadow because he’s in the next movie, which is going to be in a year or something.  Anyway, I’ll see you guys later goodbye.  I will see you next for a review of a Blue Power Ranger!

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