#0592: Andrea




The Walking Dead is a massively successful television show, however, as just about everyone knows, it didn’t start out on the small screen. The brand began its life as a comic book series, which itself became rather successful. McFarlane Toys managed to snag the toy rights to both the comic and TV incarnations of the series. Things didn’t start off so great for either line, but McFarlane seems to have turned the lines around. The TV line has become their main focus, but they haven’t abandoned the comic side of things. Today, I’ll be looking at their version of Andrea, a character who was treated a little better by the comics than she was the show.


Andrea2Andrea was released as part of Series 3 of McFarlane’s The Walking Dead comic book line. The figure stands just shy of 5 inches tall and features 26 points of articulation. On my figure, one of the wrist joints was broken out of the package, so she lost a point there. Andrea is based on her appearance in the series from around the issue 90-100 range. She’s got the scar she received during her stay at the prison, but it seems to have faded, as it did later on in the series. This means that she matches pretty well with the other two human characters in Series 3 as far as the timeline of the books. Andrea has an all-new sculpt, which does a pretty good job of capturing how she looks in Charlie Adlard’s illustrations. The face, in particular, is spot on to her design. What’s nice about the sculpt is that she stays true to Adlard’s style while also still looking like a fairly realistic person. There are plenty of fine details throughout the sculpt that add some pretty great dimension to the figure. Even though she’s a comic-based figure, she probably wouldn’t look too out of place with the TV-based figures. Andrea’s paint isn’t terrible. For the most part, the details are clean, and there isn’t really any slop or anything. I wish they had molded her arm joints in flesh tone plastic instead of painting them; a few poses and the paint’s mostly gone, revealing an unappealing grey. Some of the paint is also a bit on the thick side, which tones down the sculpted detail quite a bit. Andrea includes a knife, pistol, and her trusty sniper rifle. It seems like my figure was towards the end of a stock of plastic, as the knife and pistol both appear to have just a little less plastic than they should.


A while ago, I stopped reading The Walking Dead, due in no small part to a rather adverse reaction to the comic’s 100th issue. The show was enough for me. At that point, the comic line of figures was on an extended hiatus between Series 1 and 2, so when the line returned, I had moved away from all things comic related, so I didn’t pick up any of the figures. So, why did I pick up Andrea? Well, a few things. For one, as I noted in the intro, I was never totally pleased with the show’s handling of her. Secondly, Cosmic Comix was having a sale where Walking Dead figures were $5. That was a substantial enough mark-down that I figured I’d go for it. The figure’s got a few flaws, several of which I’m sure are isolated to my figure, but are flaws none the less. At full retail, I probably would have been slightly disappointed. At the price I paid, she’s really not bad, and she’s certainly on par with anything from the TV line.