#0454: Hershel Greene



Being a rather dark, usually bleak show, The Walking Dead is the kind of television show that needs to have some sort of moral compass, generally present in one character in particular. Unfortunately, on a show such as TWD, moral people don’t always hang around the longest, so it’s a role that has been handed down a few times. Perhaps the character to best fill the role is Hershel Greene, the subject of today’s review. He stared out jaded and harsh, but after about a season on the show, he grew into one of the most genuinely loveable characters on the show. McFarlane has seen fit to add him to their line of figures, so I’ll be taking a look at that figure today.


Hershel is part of Series Six of the TV-based The Walking Dead line. The figure is about 5 inches in height, with 26 points of articulation (or 25, depending on which leg you use). Hershel’s appearance is based on his look from the show during the third and fourth seasons. The figure depicts Hershel following the loss of his leg. It’s a good look for Hershel, and it’s definitely the look I’d associate with the character while he was at his best. The figure has an all-new sculpt, although it’s worth noting that the majority of this figure will be re-released in Series Seven, along with a new head. Simply put, Hershel’s sculpt is fantastic. The head is the spitting image of actor Scott Wilson, and every inch of the figure is covered in some really great detail work, and all of the proportions are right on. In his default setup, Hershel has a stump where his right leg used to be. The leg is well done, and looks like a partial leg, so… umm… there’s that I guess. Paint can be spotty on the TWD line, but it doesn’t seem to have affected Hershel here. All of his paintwork is nice and clean, with no real slop or bleed over. He also got some incredible texture work, especially on his clothing. And, in what may be a first for this line, no wonky eyes! Yay! Hershel comes packed with a set of crutches, an alternate false leg to swap out for the “stump”, and a small handgun that goes in the holster on the front of his belt. The crutches are great, and he can actually balance on them, which is cool. The alternate leg is great for the season four look, and it swaps out nicely. Hershel has a little trouble holding the gun, but he wasn’t exactly known for his shooting, so that’s okay.


Like Carol, Hershel was a purchase from Cosmic Comix. I wasn’t quite as excited for Hershel as I was for Carol, but he’s still one of my favorite characters from the show. This figure surprised me. I thought he’d be okay, but this figure may well be the best one in the line. He’s that good!