#0715: Kill Bill Deadly Assassins




“That woman deserves her revenge and we deserve to die. But then again, so does she. So, I guess we’ll just see. Won’t we?”


One can hardly argue that DST isn’t diverse when it comes to what licenses are picked for Minimates. Who would have though you could have Spider-Man, Batman, Captain Kirk, Madonna, Clint Eastwood, and the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad all in the same scale and style? Today’s review pertains specifically to that last thing, the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad, who hail from Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill. We got the Bride and O-Ren in the first Kill Bill boxed set, but it took us another three sets to get the remaining three members of the Squad, along with another version of the film’s main character, Beatrix Kiddo.


These figures make up the fourth, and seemingly final, set in the Kill Bill Minimates line, titled the Deadly Assassins Set.


KillBill4fBeatrix Kiddo, aka the Black Mamba, aka The Bride (spoilers, I guess), makes her third appearance as a Minimate. That’s not a huge shock, given that she’s the central character of the two films. This figure presents her in her look from the first half of Vol. 2, after she digs her way out of the coffin in which Budd buries her. She stands about 2 ½ inches tall and has the usual 14 points of articulation. Beatrix’s only add-on piece is her hair, which is re-used from the “House of the Blue Leaves” version of the Bride. It works well for both looks, and it does a nice job of translating Uma Thurman’s hair from the movie. The paint on Beatrix is very nicely handled, and is perhaps some of the best paintwork I’ve seen on a ‘mate in a while. The likeness on the face appears to be the same as the one on The Bride. It was a good likeness there and it’s a good likeness here. She’s has some very nice work on the detail lines of her torso and waist, outlining her shirt and belt very well. What takes the paint on this figure to the next level is the dirt and blood stains, which caver just about every surface of the figure. That’s attention to detail! Beatrix is armed with her Hattori Hanzo sword and matching scabbard, which are the same as those included with the last two Beatrixes, right down to the scabbard being upside down. She also includes the pine box that Budd buries her in, which a fun piece, that’s kind of key to this look, as well as a flashlight, which goes with the box, and the requisite clear display stand.


KillBill4dVernita Green, aka Copperhead, is the first of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad we meet (after Beatrix, of course). She ends up being the most minor of the group, but she’s still important, serving as a counterpoint for Beatrix. She’s presented here in her “housewife” clothes from her fight scene with Beatrix in Vol. 1. Like Beatrix, Vernita only has one sculpted add-on piece: her hair. The piece is re-used from Marvel Minimates Series 46’s Aunt May. It’s not a perfect match for Vernita’s hair, but it works alright. Vernita’s paint is quite nicely handled. The face looks a fair bit like Vivica Fox, so you can tell who it’s supposed to be. The hoodie is the best part. It’s nice and bright, and there’s a full array of detail on both sides of the torso block. She’s also got some blood splatters on her chest and face, which line up correctly with her injuries from the film and add a little bit of extra “pop” to the figure. Vernita is packed with a kitchen knife and a clear display stand. The knife is certainly appropriate, considering she’s the “Deadliest woman on the planet with a knife” and all, but it’s a shame that she didn’t get the planned gun in the cereal box accessory. That would have been unique.


KillBill4cBudd, aka Sidewinder, is the lone male member of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad. He’s also the younger brother of Bill, the guy Beatrix wants to…uhh…kill. He doesn’t really show up until Vol. 2, but he makes a pretty big impact. Budd’s figure represents him in his look from the scenes at his day job, working as a bouncer. Technically he doesn’t run into Beatrix while dressed like this, but it’s a decent enough summation of his various looks from Vol. 2 that it’s not really a big deal. He features add-on parts for his hat/hair and the bottom portion of his shirt, as well as non-standard feet. The bottom of the shirt is a piece we’ve seen many times before, and it works for what it is. The boots originally showed up on The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly’s Tuco. They’re just basic cowboy boots, and they match up with what Budd wears in the film. Budd’s hat is a new piece, and it does a nice job of translating his hat from the film into the ‘mate style. The hair seems a bit too flared at the bottom, but other than that it’s a nice KillBill4bpiece. The paint is pretty decent, if perhaps not as clean as the last two figures. The colors are nice and bold, and the lines are all pretty crisp. The face is a good likeness of Michael Madsen, which I’m sure will come in handy for people hoping to QC some of his other film roles. The real issue with the paint is slop. There’s a bit of it around the edges of the hat, and the figure’s neck is mostly blue, when it should be flesh-toned. Budd is armed with a shotgun and a shovel, and also comes packed with a clear display stand. The shotgun isn’t a perfect match for the one in the movie, but it’s close enough, and it’s always great to get that shovel again.


KillBill4eElle, aka California Mountain Snake, is one of the few characters to actually have a decent sized role in both films, which does make her somewhat memorable. However, most of her important scenes happen in Vol. 2, so it’s not a huge surprise that this figure is based on her look from that movie. She has four sculpted add-on pieces: hair, cuffs, and the bottom of her jacket. The hair first showed up on Marvel Minimates Series 50’s Songbird and the cuffs are from the first Marty McFly. Both are well chosen and fit the character well. The bottom of the jacket looks familiar, but I can’t for the life of me figure out who else it may have been used on. Her paint is back in line with the excellent work we saw on Beatrix and Vernita. Obviously, she’s not as colorful as the others, but the contrast of the black and white is good and all of the various detail lines are nice and clean. The face is well handled and it captures Daryl Hannah’s likeness pretty well. Elle includes the usual display stand and a Hattori Hanzo sword, which is presumably meant to be Budd’s. It might have been nice to get her little notepad of information, or maybe even an extra head missing her other eye, similar to the bleeding head included with Go-Go. As is, she seems a bit light.


I picked this set up from my favorite Minimate retailer, Luke’s Toy Store. Beatrix gets another key look, and it’s handled with an obvious dedication to the source material, resulting in a rather fun figure, and perhaps the best version of the Bride so far; Vernita’s a solid addition; Budd is an important character in the movie, and he’s pretty decent overall, as long as you can overlook a few minor paint issues; Elle is another really pivotal character, but there’s not a whole lot of “new” to her, which does make her just a bit less exciting than the others. All-in-all, this is a great send-off to the Kill Bill Minimates line, though I certainly wouldn’t mind getting a few more figures, especially the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad in their all black numbers from the chapel scene. That’d be cool!


#0496: Kill Bill Minimates – Masters of Death



“I’m calling you a killer. A natural born killer. You always have been and you always will be.” – Bill

I didn’t see Kill Bill when it was first released. In fact, I didn’t see Kill Bill for several years after it was released. On the outside, Quentin Tarantino’s movies never really appealed to me. But then, Diamond Select Toys got the license to make Minimates for a few of Tarantino’s films, Kill Bill among them. And, seeing as both parts were up on Netflix, I figured it was as good a time as any to watch the movies. And I really quite enjoyed them. The first two sets in the Kill Bill Minimates line were firmly based on the first film, specifically its final scene. While I certainly enjoyed the first movie, I think the second is the stronger of the two, so I was happy to see that the third set would be delving into that movie. So, let’s see how this set turned out.


The third set of Kill Bill Minimates is officially titled “The Masters of Death Set.” Unlike the previous two sets, it isn’t based upon a particular scene or sequence from the movies. Instead, the theme of this set is the Bride and the three men who helped her hone her skills as a killer.


Okay, spoilers: the Bride’s name is Beatrix Kiddo. Bam! Mind blown, right? This is the second figure of Beatrix in the line. The figure is roughly 2 ½ inches tall and features 14 points of articulation, although most of the leg articulation is rendered inert by the skirt. The first Bride figure was based on her look from the first movie’s climactic battle with the Crazy 88s. This one is based on her look from the second half of the second movie, which includes the sequence where she fights Bill. It’s not quite as distinctive as the yellow tracksuit, but it’s an important look nonetheless. Beatrix is constructed on the standard Minimate body, with add-ons for her hair, jacket, and skirt. The jacket is a reuse from the Marvel Minimates Series 22 James Rhodes, which is a pretty great leather jacket piece. The hair and skirt are both new. The hair seems a little on the bulky side, but it’s not terrible. The skirt is pretty accurate to the source material; the details aren’t the sharpest, but they’re decent. Beatrix’s paintwork is overall pretty clean. The colors are nicely matched to the source material, and the leather jacket is appropriately shiny. The sash on her skirt piece shows a little bit of bleed over, however, it’s nothing too severe. The detail line work is all very sharp and clean, and the face has a passing resemblance to Uma Thurman (I thought the last one was a bit better, though). Beatrix includes her Hattori Hanzo sword with a scabbard to match, a handgun, a spare set of sleeveless arms, and a clear display stand. The sword and scabbard, it should be noted, are the same as those included with the first Beatrix, which means the scabbard is still upside down.


So here’s the guy the Bride was out to kill. It says so right in the title! Bill is presented here in all of his Bill-ish glory, depicting the character as he appears in his scenes at the end of the second movie. Though, to be fair, Bill looks about the same for pretty much all of the second movie, so this figure works for just about all of his appearances. The figure is about 2 ½ inches tall, with 14 points of articulation. Bill is constructed on the basic Minimate body, with add-ons for his hair and jacket. The jacket is the same basic suit jacket that DST had been using since way back in the Back to the Future Minimates “Enchantment Under the Sea” Marty. It’s a good, standard suit jacket, so the re-use is certainly warranted. The hair is new to Bill, and it’s a fairly decent approximation of his hair in the movie. It’s sculpted with some rather nice fine detail work and the bottom has been handled in such a way as to not impede articulation. Bill’s paintwork is pretty good. It’s sort of a subtle sort of a paint job, that looks pretty basic at first glance, but actually has quite a bit of detail. His jacket has the proper detaiing at the top, which could have easily been overlooked. His shirt is also fully detailed, with wrinkles and such, and you can even see some of his chest hair. The best part of the paint is definitely the face, which is a pretty great likeness of David Carradine. It’s very definitely Bill. Bill includes a Hanzo sword, a revolver, a bamboo flute, and a clear display stand.


Hattori here is the only figure in this set who hails from the first movie. That being said, his role in the first movie is pivotal to the second, and he and his work as a sword maker are brought up quite a lot in the second film. So, he’s definitely not out of place here (although being pretty much the only genuinely good person in the set does make him a little out of place). The figure is roughly 2 ½ inches in height and sports 14 points of articulation. Hattori is based on his appearance when he first meets the Bride, while working in his sushi restaurant. He uses the basic body, with add-ons for his headband, sleeves, and the lower portion of his robe. The sleeves and lower robe are both fairly standard pieces that we’ve seen many times before. They are well chosen and do their job admirably. The headband is a new piece; it’s a fairly straightforward piece, and it captures the look from the movie nicely. Overall, the figure’s paint is pretty good, but there’s one rather annoying issue. The figure’s skin tone on the body is appropriately warm and lifelike, but for some reason, the skin tone on the head is more gray. It doesn’t look right, and it clashes with the rest of the figure. Other than that, the paint is nice and clean, and the figure has some wonderful detail line work. Hattori includes one of his own swords and a clear display stand.


Pai Mei is an intriguing character. He’s a very important character to the story, but his role is entirely in flashback. By the actual time of the movie, he’s been dead for some time. He also portrayed as a positive figure in Beatrix’s life, while at the same time being one of meanest characters to her in the movie. Seriously, she’s treated much better by the people who are actively trying to kill her. But, he’s key to her training, and, more specifically, her defeat of Bill. This is Pai Mei’s first Minimate, but it’s the second Minimate his actor, Gordon Liu, has received for Kill Bill. His other character, Johnny Mo was one of the Crazy 88s featured in set #2. Pai Mei is about 2 ½ inches tall, with 14 points of articulation, although, just like Beatrix, the leg articulation is restricted by the sculpted parts. Pai Mei is constructed from the basic Minimate body, with unique forearm pieces, as well as add-ons for his hair, beard, and the lower half of his robes. The robe piece and forearms are re-used from the Marvel Minimates Series 52 Mariko, and they are definitely a reasonable re-use. The beard and hair are both new to Pai Mei. They are decent pieces, though the eyebrows could stand to be a bit more distinctly separate. As it stands now, he sort of looks like he’s got a very strange haircut. Also, on my figure, the left strand of hair was stuck between his head and his torso, causing it to be misshapen. It can be fixed pretty easily, but it’s still annoying. Pai Mei has pretty good paintwork. The black/white contrast is nice and bold, and there’s plenty of fine detail work. Pai Mei includes his distinctive staff and a clear display stand. I do kind of wish he’d had a spare beard piece that could be held, but oh well.


Like yesterday’s Godzilla set, I got these four from my very favorite Minimate retailer, Luke’s Toy Store. I was fairly excited for this set. It’s nice to have a Bill for Beatrix to… uhh… kill. And, Hattori is one of my favorite characters from the movie, so I’m definitely glad to get him. The one thing I will say about this set, is that it and the next set feel like their release order has been reversed. This set featuring both Bill and the final battle version of Beatrix kind of makes it feel like it should be the final set. But, as long as they all get released, it doesn’t really matter in what order they’re released.

#0316: Kill Bill Crazy 88s Set




Even before I had seen the movie, I always thought the Crazy 88s from Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill as a pretty cool idea. When Diamond Select Toys announced the Kill Bill license would be coming to Minimates, I was immediately intrigued by the idea of getting some Crazy 88s Minimates. After seeing the movie, I was even more sold on the idea. So, without further ado, let’s see how Diamond’s take on these guys turned out!


The second set of Kill Bill Minimates continues the first set’s House of the Blue Leaves theme, but this time, instead of them main characters, it’s four members of the Crazy 88s. Just like the first set was significant for being made up of all female characters, this set is significant for being made up entirely of army builders, another rarity for Minimates.


Crazy88s2While this is technically a set of all army builders, the first Crazy 88 in the set is actually based on a named character. The character in question in is Johnny Mo, the head of the Crazy 88s. Johnny is 2 ½ inches tall and features 14 points of articulation. The figure is depicted wearing the standard Crazy 88 uniform: black suit and tie and a Kato mask. It’s the only thing we see Johnny wearing, so it’s obviously a sensible choice. He’s built on the standard Minimate body, with the addition of a suit jacket and a tie, seen on numerous previous figures. The suit jacket has one small change; there’s a hole in the back near the bottom, which has been put there to allow Johnny to be placed on the leaping stand.  Johnny’s paint apps aren’t anything amazing, per say, but they are pretty good. The detailing on the face and mask are superb. They’ve chosen to give him a screaming expression. While it might have been nice to get a more reserved expression too, given the choice of only one, this is the one I’d go for. It works really well in an action pose, especially when coupled with the leaping stand. There’s one more painted detail on the figure that’s really easy to miss. On the back of the torso block, there’s a blood splatter. This means you can flip the torso around to depict the 88s from later in the fight. It’s a really cool touch that shows Diamond’s commitment to making these figures as fun as possible.

CRAZY 88 #2

Crazy88s3This is the first of the “generic” 88s in the set. He’s not based on any one in particular, although he does bear a resemblance to one of the 88s present during the “power walk” at the House of the Blue Leaves. Since he doesn’t have a name, and I don’t want to refer to him as #2 for the whole review, let’s just call him Topher. Just like Johnny, Topher stands 2 ½ inches tall and sports 14 points of articulation. He’s built on the standard Minimate body, with the addition of the suit jacket, the tie, and a hair piece. The hairpiece was first seen on the TRU exclusive Harada from The Wolverine and the jacket and tie are the same oft used pieces seen on Johnny. Unlike Johnny, Topher’s jacket hasn’t been altered to allow for the jumping stand. The paint work on Topher is nice and clean. He’s been given a slightly more reserved expression than Johnny, though he does still have a slight grimace, which means he’ll still be right at home in a fight scene. On the back of his torso, he features a blood splatter unique from the one seen on Johnny. This one is a bit more sparse, but still really cool!

CRAZY 88 #3

Crazy88s4Here’s Crazy 88 #3, whom I’ll now be calling Treat. Treat is another generic 88. He’s about 2 ½ inches tall and he has 14 points of articulation. He too is built on the standard Minimate body, as well as the suit and tie seen on the others and a hairpiece stolen from Thunderstrike, who was in Series 42 of Marvel Minimates. Like Topher, his jacket is unaltered, so no crazy jumps for him! The hairpiece is a somewhat unique one, so it brings some character to an otherwise basic figure. Treat’s facial expression is more intense that Topher’s, but not the full yell that’s been given to Johnny. He’s got more of a vicious snarl going, which definitely adds some diversity to the facial expressions on these guys. Like the others, Treat has a blood splatter on the flip side of his torso. His is much more severe looking than the other’s. Looks like Treat’s a goner!

CRAZY 88 #4

Crazy88s5Last up is Crazy 88 #4, henceforth known as Foreman. Foreman is the final generic Crazy 88 in the set. He stands 2 ½ inches tall and has 14 points of articulation. Just like everyone else in the set, he’s built on the standard Minimate body. In addition to the basic body, he’s also got the suit and tie pieces, as well as a poofy hairpiece, courtesy of Egon from the Ghostbusters line. Like Topher and Treat before him, Foreman’s jacket has been left unaltered, so he doesn’t get to do all the fun flips and jumps that Johnny does. He’s very sad about that. I’m not sure about the hair. It works for Egon, but it seems out of place here. Foreman has the most generic expression in the set. It’s just a basic gritted teeth look, which is actually really great to have in the set. He also ends up with the most basic blood splatter of the four. It’s pretty much just a straight streak of blood.


Crazy88s7This set, by nature of being an army building set, doesn’t come accessories that really correspond to one figure in particular. There are two exceptions: the leaping stand and the bamboo swords are pretty clearly meant to go with Johnny Mo. However if you aren’t displaying as Johnny, that would change. Beyond that, there’s a clear display stand for each of the four figures, two extra heads, two motor cycle helmets, three extra hairpieces, two axes, and four katana. The stands are the same ones we’ve seen before, but I can’t stress how cool it is that we’re getting them with every release now. The heads allow more variety if you’re in the army building mood, offering a female head, which makes use of the same hair as Gogo, and a more calm male head, which has hair from the Peter Parker released in Series 46 of Marvel Minimates. The three hair pieces add even more to the variety of display options, and they are reused from DC Minimates’ Nightwing, Marvel Zombies’ Hulk, and Marvel Minimates Series 27’s Ultimate Captain America. The helmets allow you to recreate the fantastic chase scene, which was set to the always awesome “Flight of the Bumblebee” most commonly remembered as the theme to the 60s Green Hornet. The helmet was originally meant to be part of Marvel Minimates series 15, but as that’s the only series of Marvel Minimates ever to be cancelled, it never saw release. It’s nice to see it finally show up here! The axes and katana are both re-use as well, but it’s very sensible re-use, and it’s great to have several weapon options. If the figures weren’t already great enough, the accessory compliment really adds to the set’s cool factor!



I picked up this set, along with the other Kill Bill set, from my favorite Minimates retailer, Luke’s Toy Store. I was onboard for this set even before I saw the movie, but my excitement definitely increased once I had. Initially, I thought this set might be a little dull, what with it being four figures who are identical from the neck down, and not tremendously different from the neck up. Dull is the last word I would use to describe this set after getting it in hand. This set is a testament to how to build a successful collection of figures using almost no new pieces. The set has so many extra pieces, I’d even say it’s one of those rare sets that almost can’t be appreciated until you have more than one!


#0315: Kill Bill House of the Blue Leaves Set




My love for Minimates is no secret. They are, without a doubt, one of my favorite toylines. I am such a fan of Minimates that I sometimes buy Minimates from movies I’ve never seen. In some cases, I’ll even go so far as to watch the movie, as a further excuse to buy the Minimates. That’s kind of the case with today’s Minimates, based on Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill. Based on the fact that there were going to be Minimates, coupled with a recommendation from a few friends, I finally got around to seeing the movie. And then I HAD to have the Minimates. So, here they are. By nature of some of the pieces and details in the set, this review contains SPOILERS for Kill Bill Vol. 1.


The first set of Kill Bill Minimates is based on the battle at the House of the Blue Leaves, the climactic battle from Kill Bill Vol. 1. The set includes The Bride, O-Ren Ishii, Sofie Fatale, and Gogo Yubari. The cool thing about this set is that it’s entirely made up of female characters, which is a pretty serious rarity for not just Minimates, but toys in general.


KillBill1bThe Bride is the main character of Kill Bill, though not the title one. In the first film she just goes by “The Bride” until her name is revealed at the very end, so the Minimate is just “The Bride” as well. The Bride is about 2 ½ inches tall and features 14 points of articulation. She’s based on the character’s yellow jump-suited look during the final battle in Volume 1, which is in turn based on a similar outfit worn by Bruce Lee in The Game of Death. She makes use of the standard Minimate body, with the addition of a brand-new hairpiece. The hairpiece is well sculpted and does a nice job of translating The Bride’s hair from this point in the movie. Most of The Bride’s details are handled via paint apps, which look great. The black detail lines are all nice and cleanly applied, and the Uma Thurman likeness is superb. The Bride is meant to represent her mid-fight with the Crazy 88s, so in addition to the basic jumpsuit details, she also features quite a few blood spatters. The spatters are all really well detailed, and they seem to line up pretty much perfectly with the stains from the movie. The Bride includes her genuine Hattori Hanzo sword and a scabbard to match, as well as a clear display stand.


KillBill1cO-Ren is the first person on the list of people she has to kill before getting to the eponymous Bill (though she’s actually the second person on the list we see The Bride kill. Yay flashbacks!). She serves as the primary antagonist of Volume 1. O-Ren is about 2 ½ inches tall and has 14 points of articulation, though the skirt renders the leg articulation mostly useless. O-Ren is depicted in her white kimono from the final battle at the House of the Blue Leaves. She makes use of the base body as a starting point, with long sleeved lower arms in place of the standard ones, as well as add-ons for her hair and the lower portion of the kimono. The kimono pieces are re-use from Mariko, released in Series 52 of the Marvel Minimates line. They’re basic, but that works pretty well for the desired look. The hair appears to be a brand-new piece, and it accurately represents O-Ren’s look in the movie. O-Ren’s paint apps are nowhere near as complex as those seen on The Bride, but they’re not bad. The kimono details on her torso wrap all the way around, plus she has full detailing on her feet. Her face is the spitting image of Lucy Lui, who portrays O-Ren in the movie. One issue, which I am certain is exclusive to my figure, is that there’s a slight malformation of the hair, which has been painted with a flesh tone, making it extremely obvious. It mars an otherwise great figure, but it’s nothing a quick dab of paint can’t fix [EDIT: an astute reader has pointed out that this spot is more likely meant to be the flower present in O-Ren’s hair in the movie, meaning it’s not a mistake at all!]. O-Ren includes a sword with a scabbard, as well as a clear display stand and an alternate hairpiece, depicting her…final moments.

KillBill1d KillBill1e


KillBill1fSofie Fatale serves as O-Ren’s right hand woman. She’s also one of three people to make it out of the fight at the House of the Blue Leaves alive, though she certainly doesn’t come out of it unscathed.  She stands roughly 2 ½ inches tall and sports 14 points of articulation, but once again the leg articulation is constricted by the skirt. Sofie is presented here in her gray-blue dress from the fight at the House of the Blue Leaves. It’s not the most interesting look, but it’s in keeping with the rest of the set, so it’s a good choice. She’s built on the usual body, with a basic long skirt add-on, as well as a new hairpiece. At least, I think it’s new. It looks sort of familiar, but I can’t find any previous uses of it. It’s a well sculpted piece, and does a nice job translating Sofie’s tightly tied back hair. Sofie ends up with the least painted details in the set, with only some basic work on her face, the front of her torso and her shoes. Everything seems to be pretty cleanly applied, which is good, but it’s not the most exciting Minimate. Sofie includes a cellphone and a clear display stand. Yep, in a set full of swords, she gets a phone. I do kind of wish we had gotten some sort of wounded arm accessory, just to spice the figure up a little, but oh well.


KillBill1gGogo is O-Ren’s personal body guard. She also happens to be a Japanese school girl, and is one of the most ruthless characters in Kill Bill. Which seems about right for a teenage girl, if I’m honest (I kid). She stands about 2 ½ inches tall and has 14 points of articulation. Gogo is depicted here in her schoolgirl outfit, which I believe is the only thing she’s ever shown wearing, so there. She makes use of the standard Minimate body, with short skirt and hair add-ons. Both pieces ore re-use. The hair is from the TRU exclusive Gwen Stacy from the first Amazing Spider-Man, and the skirt I believe originated on BSG’s President Roslin. Both pieces work well for Gogo, so it’s a good re-use. Gogo’s paint apps are quite nice. They aren’t quite as clean as those on The Bride and O-Ren, but they aren’t bad, and she has some tremendous detail work on the skirt, which is plaid, and the jacket, which has faint pocket lines. Gogo includes a flail, which I believe is a new piece, a clear display stand, and an extra head with blood running from the eyes to depict her death scene. It’s kinda cool, but also a bit morbid, which seems right for the set.


When this set was initially announced, I wasn’t really all that interested. It just seemed a bit boring. However, once I actually sat down and watched the movies, I was immediately eager to get this set. Initially, I just wanted this set for The Bride, but actually having them in hand, I think the whole set is really worth the purchase. This is probably the definitive version of The Bride, plus you get O-Ren, who’s pivotal to the first movie, and Gogo, who’s just kinda cool. Sure, Sofie’s not the most interesting Minimate, but she’s not terrible. Add to that the impressive paint apps on all of the figures and the cool extra pieces, and you’ve really got a winning set!