#1850: Metalhead



Ninja Turtles?  Again?  So soon?  And in this economy?  Hey, I don’t make the rules…oh wait, yes I do.  Well, in that case, I make the rules, so if I want to review two Ninja Turtles items within a month of each other, that’s what I’m gonna do.  So, yeah…


Metalhead was released as part of Playmates’ 2012 Teenange Mutant Ninja Turtles line, which coincided with the launch of Nickelodeon’s show that same year.  He was released in the second assortment of figures, alongside Dogpound and Fishface, and hit shelves in late 2012.  The figure stands 4 1/2 inches tall and he has 11 points of articulation.  As a non-Turtle, Metalhead is less articulated than the main characters.  That said, his Turtle-like disposition means he’s still a little more articulated than most of the other figures in the line.  His arms are rather restricted, but on the plus side, he has some solid movement in the legs, making him a very stable figure.  I like that.  Metalhead’s sculpt was all-new to him, and it’s a pretty strong one.  He and his assortment-mates marked the line’s turn to more cartoon-accurate sculpts, so Metalhead keeps in line with that, as a pretty good match for his TV counterpart.  He’s perhaps a touch squatter than Metalhead was on the show, but otherwise not bad.  I like the small details worked throughout him that take him from standard robot to a sewer-dwelling turtle robot.  I think my favorite of the bunch is definitely the shell made from a manhole cover.  That’s nifty!  The paintwork on Metalhead is passable work.  It’s fairly basic, and some of it’s prone to chipping, but it’s good enough to get the job done.  Metalhead’s one accessory was a missile, which works with the missile launching feature built into his right arm.  I’m really not all that into it, but it’s fairly innocuous without the missile in place, so it doesn’t hold the figure back.


Metalhead hit while I was still basking in the high of having just gotten into the 2012 relaunch of TMNT. I had gotten the whole first series and was anxiously awaiting the second assortment, with Metalhead being at the top of my list.  I actually even pre-ordered him on Amazon, which marks the only time I’ve ever gotten a TMNT figure that I didn’t just grab off a store shelf.  He’s a pretty fun little figure, and really appears to the robot geek in me.