#0377: Star-Lord & Ronan



There were quite a few awesome movies released this summer. The cool thing is that, thanks to three of those movies being Marvel movies, there are Minimates from those movies! One such movie was Guardians of the Galaxy. I looked at a few of the Guardians Minimates a few months ago when the TRU series first hit stores. The specialty series was just released, and I acquired a set. Today, I’ll be looking at the film’s primary hero, Star-Lord, and its primary villain, Ronan.


Star-Lord and Ronan are one of the two carry over sets from the Guardians Minimates. They saw release in both the TRU exclusive series, as well as Series 57 of the main Marvel Minimates line.


Who!?! Star-Lord, legendary outlaw of—never mind. Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord, makes his first foray into the world of Minimates with this figure. Star-Lord is about 2 ½ inches tall and he features 12 points of articulation. He’s obviously based on the film version of the character, but more specifically, he’s based on Quill’s look early in the movie, primarily the opening credits scene. It’s the look Marvel was really pushing, and it’s the look that just about every figure has, but it’s unfortunately not a look he has for very long in the movie. Star-Lord is built on the standard Minimate body, with additional sculpted pieces for his hair, coat, left wrist padding, and boots. The hair is a re-use from Tomb Raider’s Roth. I’m not sure about this piece. It seems a bit off for Star-Lord. The rest of the pieces are new to this figure. They’re all well sculpted, but there are some questionable choices. The decision to have the coat closed at the top is a strange one. In the short time he wore this coat, I don’t believe he ever had it closed like that. Perhaps it was based on some sort of early costume design or preliminary shooting. Regardless, it looks rather goofy, and makes the character look unnecessarily bulky. To DST’s credit, the work on the boots is nothing short of amazing, so they deserve props for that. The paint on Star-Lord is alright, but sort of confusing. The coat exhibits passable work, but there’s some slop here and there. The arms are nicely detailed, and while the torso under the coat is completely blank, he features a fully detailed belt that no one will ever see. The face is an okay Chris Pratt likeness, but it seems that there was a bit of a mix up with the colors, leaving his eyebrows and stubble far too bright. Star-Lord includes his helmet, his twin guns, a walkman with headphones, and a clear display stand. The helmet is okay, but the paint is sloppy and too light, and the sculpt is too…wide? It just doesn’t look right. The blasters are well sculpted, but the figure does have a little trouble holding them.


Ronan, the first Kree ever to be seen in film! That’s gotta be an accomplishment! Like Star-Lord, this is his first Minimate, though it won’t be his last. A comic version of Ronan has already been announced for the 19th TRU Exclusive series of Marvel Minimates. But that’s in the future; let’s focus on this figure, shall we? Ronan is 2 ½ inches tall and he features 13 points of articulation. He’s built on the usual body, with additional pieces for his headpiece and skirt. Both of these pieces are new to this figure, and they look to be accurate to the movie design. They are very nicely sculpted, and incredibly detailed. The headpiece renders the body’s neck articulation motionless, but going by how Lee Pace was moving in the movie, it seems safe to say the real piece did that too. The Kree are all about evolution. Maybe Ronan just evolved beyond the need to look to the side. One of this figure’s greatest highlights is his paint work. While it would have been easy for Diamond to phone this one in and just do a straight black/dark grey, they have placed texture detailing on just about every surface of the figure. It helps keep the figure from being as drab as he might have otherwise been and really gives the figure that extra pop. Ronan includes his trusty hammer and a clear display stand. Unfortunately, it seems the head of the hammer is on upside down. I don’t know how this happened, but a quick comparison shows this is very definitely the case. While it sucks, I honestly had to have it pointed out to me by someone else, so I feel like most people really aren’t going to be bothered by it. At the very least, a corrected version should be offered with the comic Ronan, so there’s that.


This set was purchased, along with the rest of Series 57, from my favorite Minimate retailer Luke’s Toy Store. I mostly bought the Series for the two specialty exclusive sets included. Admittedly, I’ve been putting off buying this set. I passed on it at TRU, and I only really got it from Luke’s because I was buying the series in a bundle. I think Star-Lord is the main reason for that. Sadly, he’s the weakest figure in the series. Diamond obviously put in the effort, but he just ended up turning out sorta goofy. That being said, the set is worth it for the Ronan figure. For all that went wrong on Star-Lord, Ronan gets pretty much everything right. On the plus side, Star-Lord is the low point of this series, so, it can only get better from here!

#0308: Star-Lord & Ronan




Okay, just one more Guardians of the Galaxy review you guys. Well, until the Minimates are released. And there’s rumors of a second series of the two lines Hasbro’s got. Okay, so one more for the time being. Anyway, the 2 ½ inch line from Hasbro has been an unexpected treat, I must say. I didn’t have super high expectations, but I was drawn in by the broader character selection. While the main Guardians may not be the most exciting figures, the line is really investing in those side characters! Today, I’ll be looking at Star-Lord and Ronan, the movie’s main hero and main antagonist, respectively.


This duo was part of the first, and currently the only, series of the 2 ½ inch Guardians of the Galaxy line. It’s currently the only way to get Ronan in non-Minimate form.


StarLord&RonanWilson1Wait a second, didn’t I just review this guy yesterday? Oh, a different version, you say? Yep, this is the long coated version of Star-Lord, which is the version that’s been seeing all the marketing. Surprisingly, it’s only in the first few minutes of the movie, which means it doesn’t actually fit with the rest of the characters (except for Korath). Still, it’s the look everyone’s associating with the character. The figure stands right at 2 ½ inches tall and features 5 points of articulation. The figure shares his arms and legs with the previous version of Star-Lord, which isn’t really that surprising. He gets a new torso, with his backpack sculpted on, plus a helmeted head, and an add-on piece to represent the bottom of his coat. These pieces all look pretty great, and seem accurate to the movie design. The helmeted head is definitely a step up from the unmasked one of the previous Star-Lord. Fortunately, the figures pop apart at each joint, so swapping the heads is no issue, should you so desire. The paint work on Star-Lord is a real improvement too. He’s got a fair number of details, and I’d say the paint on this mask is cleaner than the 6-inch version.



StarLord&RonanWilson2Ronan seemed like a pretty big omission from the 6-inch line, but he did find his way into this line. He’s right at the 2 ½ inch mark and he has, wait for it, 5 points of articulation. How about that? Ronan only had the one look (other than at the beginning when he was naked, but I don’t see that going onto a Target shelf…), so that’s the look they went with. He’s got an all new sculpt, and it’s a pretty good one. He has some nice heft to him, which fits the character, and his armor is all nice and detailed. The head is pretty good. It doesn’t scream Lee Pace, but it’s not bad given the scale. He’s got a few add-on pieces for his skirt-piece and his “cape”, both of which do their job nicely. The paint work on Ronan is actually quite detailed and it’s mostly free of any instance of bleed over or slop. He’s even got the properly painted hands that Gamora was so sadly lacking!

Like every other set in the line, this set comes packed with an accessory tree, and a missile launcher. The launcher is shaped like the big gun used by Star-Lord and Drax, so that’s cool. On the tree, is a hammer for Ronan, and some sort of blade for Star-Lord, as well as a missile, and something I can’t quite identify.



This was the third of the three sets of Guardians figures that were bought for me by Super Awesome Girlfriend. This is definitely the best of the three sets, though I don’t know if it quite tops Groot, Rocket & the Nova guy as my favorite set. This is definitely one of the most essential sets in the line, so I wouldn’t recommend passing it up. All in all, this line is pretty darn great. I don’t have all the figures yet (still need that Sakaar Trooper) but I love the set I have. I really hope Hasbro makes a few more of these, as I’d love to get Yondu, Nebula, and the Collector to round them out!


#0307: Star-Lord & Gamora




You know what was awesome? Guardians of the Galaxy. You know what’s even better? There are tons of toys based on the movie. I am in toy bliss, I kid you not. I was a pretty big fan of the 6-inch figures and I’m liking what I’ve seen so far of the Minimates. What caught me off guard was how much I’m enjoying Hasbro’s 2 ½ inch line. I’ll be looking at another of those sets today, with Star-Lord and Gamora. This set is the first set not to offer someone unavailable in the 6-inch line, although this is the only way to get this particular version of Star-Lord.


Star-Lord and Gamora are part of the first, and so far only, series of 2 ½ inch Guardians of the Galaxy figures from Hasbro. As the two most prominent characters in the movie, they share a fair bit of screen time, so I suppose this makes sense. Still, I feel like it might have been better served to spilt the two to allow for less popular characters to be paired with them, but what do I know?


Gamora&StarLordWilson2Star-Lord clocks in right at 2 ½ inches tall and features 5 points of articulation. The figure is based on Quill’s look from the majority of the film: short coat and no mask. He features a mostly unique sculpt. A few pieces are shared between this figure and the other version of the character in the line, but I’m looking at this one first, so he gets the credit of using them first! The sculpt is pretty decent. Not quite as detailed as some of the sculpts we’ve seen in the line, but I’d say it’s better than Drax. The resemblance to Chris Pratt is passing at best, but it’s no worse than the 6-inch version.  The body is better than the head. It’s got a nice assortment of details, and everything looks pretty spot on to his movie appearance. Star-Lord is molded in three separate colors: dark gray for his lower half, a maroon for his upper half, and flesh-tone for his head and neck. He’s got paint for his hands, shirt, and the details on his head. It’s okay, though not spectacular. The paint for his hair doesn’t quite cover all of the sculpted hair, so he’s got a bit of a receding hairline going on. Everything else is pretty straight forward.


Gamora&StarLordWilsonGamora is a little on the smaller side, coming in a little under 2 ½ inches. She features the standard 5 points of articulation for the line. The figure takes it’s look from Gamora’s design from the first half or so of the movie. It’s the design that all of the merchandise has, so it’s not a surprise to see it here. She gets an all new sculpt. It’s pretty good. I’d say she has one of the better likenesses in the line. The proportions aren’t too bad, aside from those giant man-hands, which is pretty decent at this scale. Unfortunately, the figure is virtually impossible to stand. This is the second figure of this character which features this as a defining trait. Is Hasbro trying to send us a message about Gamora? The paint on Gamora is okay, but nothing outstanding. She’s mostly molded in a dark blue plastic. They’ve applied paint for her skin, hair and boots. The skin is a bit thick and gloppy, and has a few areas of bleed over. Also, they’ve missed painting her fingers, which leaves her hands fully gloved. Also, most of her uniform has been left the blue color of the plastic. Not only is this wrong for the design, it’s also rather boring. On the plus side, they’ve actually done a pretty great job translating her multicolored hair, so it’s not all bad.

Just like the last two sets from this line, these two are packed with a selection of accessories on a “tree.” They’re a bit more descript this time, at least. Star-Lord gets one of his Element Blasters and Gamora gets her sword. In addition there’s a larger gun, a jet-pack looking thing, and a spring-loaded missile launcher for the two to share.



This set was another set purchased for me by Super Awesome Girlfriend. I think I like this set more in theory than in actuality. I’m glad to have Gamora, as she’s an essential part of the team, and it’s cool that somebody gave us Quill in the shorter coat that he spends the majority of the movie wearing. That being said, this two pack is probably the weakest set in the first series line-up. Still, it’s a pretty essential set, and the figures aren’t bad. If you want the rest of the figures, there’s no reason to skip this one.


#0273: Star Lord




In my review of NECA’s Caesar from Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, I mentioned the rarity of me reviewing a figure from a movie I hadn’t seen. Well, I’m doing it again. Guardians of the Galaxy is being released on August 1, which isn’t too far off, and the toys are just now starting to hit. As they did with Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Amazing Spider-Man 2, Hasbro is releasing a tie-in line of Marvel Legends Infinite Series for the movie. In contrast to those two lines, this series is mostly made up of characters from the movie, plus comic versions of Iron Man and Nova. Today, I’ll be looking at the main character of Guardians, Peter Quill aka Star Lord.


Star Lord was released as part of the Guardians of The Galaxy Marvel Legends Infinite Series. The figure stands about 6 inches tall and features 32 points of articulation. He’s based on Chris Pratt’s version of the character in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie, though thanks to Marvel wanting to tie the comics in with the movies, he also works as Star Lord in his most recent comicbook incarnation. They’ve gone with his long jacket look, which is the one he sports in most of the movie’s promotional material. As far as I can tell, Star Lord features a brand new sculpt, which isn’t shocking given the unique design of the character. The figure makes use of add-on pieces for his coat and backpack, though neither of these are removable. Initially, I was worried that the articulation would interfere with the look of the coat’s arms, but in person, they aren’t an issue. The sculpt has lots of nice detail work, and the proportions all look pretty good. The paint work on Star Lord is pretty good overall, although there are a few spots of slop, most noticeably on the eyes and hairline of the helmet. It’s not immediately obvious under normal inspection, but it is a bit annoying to see a great sculpt pulled back by poor paint application. Star Lord comes armed with a pair of his distinctive blaster guns, as well as an extra un-helmeted head, a Walkman, a pair of head phones, the strange sphere thing he’s seen stealing in the trailers, and the right arm of Groot, the Build-A-Figure for this series. It’s a great selection of accessories, and he holds the blasters, sphere and Walkman quite nicely. The un-helmeted head swaps out pretty easily, though sadly it only bears a passing resemblance to Chris Pratt. I think it’s the hair.

StarLord2StarLordWilsonStarLord4 StarLord3


I picked up Star Lord from Amazon, not long after they got the series in stock. Of the regular figures in the series, Star Lord was the one I was looking forward to the most. He’s a pretty impressive figure, and really fun to play around with. Add in a great selection of accessories, and you have a winner. The only real negative facing the figure is some unfortunate paint application. If Hasbro can work on reining that in, their figures would truly be top notch.