#0080: Ultraman Dyna



We now venture into Day 2 of the post-Christmas Review, reviewing the figures I received as gifts during the holiday.  My second review is another figure from the Ultra-Act line (Marking 3 reviews from this line in a row).  My last two Ultra-Act reviews have been of earlier Ultramen.  This time I’ll be jumping a head a bit to the 90s for Ultraman Dyna.


Ultraman Dyna was released as part of the 2012 series of the Ultra-Act line.  Dyna had a few different looks in his series, but for this figure, they’ve chosen to do his “Flash-Type” look.  As it was his default look in the show, it’s a good choice, though I wouldn’t mind seeing his “Miracle-Type” look down the line.  He’s just over 6 inches tall and has 40 points of articulation,just like the previous two Ultramen I’ve reveiewed.  Once again, the figure’s sculpt remains accurate to his appearance in the show.  Dyna’s design is more simplistic, not quite as much as the original Ultraman, but moreso thatn Taro, putting Dyna somewhere in between the two.  It all looks pretty good.  I miss the details on the gloves and boots that Taro had, but that lack of them is accurate to the character’s look on the show, so I can’t really complain.  The paint is somewhere in between the previous two.  It’s really good for the most part, but there’s a tiny, tiny bit of scuff on his chin.  Nothing horrible, just somewhat noticeable.  Everything else is nice and clean.  Continuing the trend of the others, Dyna has a nice variety of accessories.  He includes the requisite red color timer, an alternate light-piped head, a plug to allow him to be connected to a stand, an alternate shoulder piece, and 9 hands: fisted (L and R), Karate chop (L and R), splayed (L and R), thumbs up (R), a hand holding an energy ball, and a hand with a beam.  Like with the other two, the color timer’s a nice addition, but I don’t have much use for it.  The extra head is nice in theory, but iffy in execution, as light piping seems to always be.  The alternate shoulder piece is similar to Taro’s, allowing the shoulder to go into deeper poses, but Dyna’s is folded on both sides to allow both shoulders to move.  The hands are similar to the ones with the others, though the energy beam is more expansive, which fits a more modern Ultraman.  The thumbs up is also cool, and I quite like the hand with the ball of energy.  As with the others, the hands really add a lot to the figure.


Like Taro, Dyna was a Christmas gift from my super awesome parents.  Dyna is actually pretty important to me, as he was the first Ultraman I had a toy of, back in the 90s.  As such, he’s my personal favorite,  so I was very happy to get this guy this year!


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