#0090: Mother of Ultra




It’s the 12th and final day of my post-Christmas Review.  Which is kind of cool because I totally didn’t plan for it to be a 12 days of Christmas thing, but it kinda turned out that way.  Neat.

Today, I’m looking at the Ultra-Act line for a 6th time.  This time, it’s not an actually an Ultraman, it’s Mother of Ultra.  I feel I should point out that the name is a bit misleading.  She’s only the mother of one of the Ultramen, and it’s not even the one just named Ultraman, it’s Taro.  Mother of Taro would be more accurate.  Oh well, on to the review.


Mother of Ultra was released as one of the 2013 online exclusives for the Ultra-Act line.  It’s not too different from a normal release, just a bit more difficult to get a hold of one.  She’s a little over 6 inches tall, and has 38 points of articulation.  From what I’ve seen, her sculpt appears to be pretty spot on to how she looked in her various appearances throughout the years.  Her look has remained pretty constant, but she’s had two different face designs in her appearances, so Bandai has included two different heads so you can pick your favorite.  One has softer angles and more flatly set eyes, while the other has harsher angles, a stronger jawline, and eyes on more of a slant, in a similar fashion to most of the Ultraman designs.  I personally prefer the softer of the two sculpts, but I appreciate being given the choice between the two.  The paint work is up to the usual standard of the line, which is very good.  Everything is applied very cleanly, and she looks to have no slop or missed lines.  The paint work is pretty much in par with the original Ultraman, whose paint was pretty much flawless.   Keeping up with the rest of the line, Mother of Ultra is quite well accessorized.  She’s got the extra head, an energy effect that plugs onto her wrist, a bucket of water with two handles, and 3 pairs of hands: karate chop, fists, and open gesture.  I’ve already touched on the extra head, so I won’t go into it again.  The blast effect is pretty cool, and swaps on with ease.  The bucket of water is actually an accessory for Taro, and it has one handle with his hand already attached and one without.  The hands are pretty standard for the line, and all swap out easily, and look nicely detailed.  Mother of Ultra’s the first Ultra-Act figure without an extra color timer (well, Seven didn’t have one, but he doesn’t have any color timer at all!) which is different.  I suppose Mother of Ultra’s never really needed one.


Mother of Ultra was purchased by me with an amazon gift card given to me by my wonderful Aunt Susan.  She’s a really fun figure, perhaps one of the most fun in the line.  I was looking forward to the figure, but I didn’t realize how great she’d be in person.  She’s one of the more pricy figures in the line due to her exclusive status, but if you can find one for a decent deal, it’s a superb figure!


While I was on vacation over the holiday, I stopped by a nice little store by the beach that sells lots of older toys.  They were selling a few of the old vinyl Ultraman figures, and they had a Mother of Ultra.  I picked her up for the heck of it and thought I might do a little comparison.

It’s kind of a testament to how far the figures have come over the years.  This version of Mother of Ultra appears to have been released in 1988.  She stands roughly the same height as the Ultra-Act version, and she has a whopping 3 points of articulation.  You can see that the paint has worn off, and having owned some of the vinyl figures before, I can say that was a common problem.  The sculpt isn’t terrible on this figure, though.  Sure, the proportions aren’t the greatest, but compared to stuff of the time it’s about average.  Overall, it’s a fun little figure, and I’m willing to give it a break, given that it cost me less than a tenth of what the Ultra-Act version did!

5 responses

  1. Thanks for the great pictures of Mother of Ultra. It really helped me decide on getting this figure. There aren’t a lot of reviews for this cool Ultra Lady!

    • Happy to help! I had trouble finding pictures too, but I decided to take a chance. I’m really glad I did. It’s a great figure! I hope you enjoy it!

  2. I recently received my Mother of Ultra figure, and it’s a very nice figure. The shoulders are a little more limited in range than the regular Ultramen figures, but a great figure nevertheless.

    The “soft” head is based on the original head design as seen in the “Ultraman Taro” series. The “angular” head is based on a more current design that was used in the “Mega Monster Battle Ultra Galaxy” movie and the “Ultra Hawaii” promotional videos.

    I’m not sure why Mother and Father are referred to as “of Ultra” and not “of Taro.” They both seem to hold high ranks within the Ultramen community, so maybe it’s more of a title. Also, according to Wikipedia, Ultraman Ace is their adopted son and Ultra Seven is their nephew.

    • Glad to hear you like the figure!
      I hadn’t done significant research on the different heads, but I thought it might be something along those lines. I haven’t heard of the Ultra Hawaii videos, but the name intrigues me, so I’ll have to check them out! Thanks for the info!
      I did actually know about Ace being adopted and Seven being their nephew, but I just decided to leave that info out to avoid rambling a bit too much in the intro. That reminds me that I should really get an Ace figure at some point!

  3. You won’t be disappointed with the Ace figure. Ace’s Grecian design really makes him stand out and they really did great job on the figure.

    I only found out about “Ultra Hawaii” videos recently. To try and get more Japanese to visit Hawaii, they made these videos of Father and Mother of Ultra along with their son, Taro, visiting various places in Hawaii.

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