#0089: Evil Tiga



It’s Day 11 of my post-Christmas Review, and I’ll be continuing the jump back to the Ultra-Act line that I started yesterday.  Yesterday, I looked at Ultraseven, the second Ultraman.   Today, I’ll be jumping forward to a figure from Ultraman Tiga, the first series of Ultraman after it was revived in the 90s.  I won’t be looking at Tiga himself, however, but rather his doppelganger Evil Tiga.

It’s a long standing tradition in the Ultraman universe for there to be an evil variant of the main character, and Evil Tiga continues the trend.


Evil Tiga was released as part of the Ultra-Act line in 2011.  I think.  I’m not sure, because all the copyright info is in Japanese, but near as I can tell from looking around, this guy was released in 2011.  He’s based on the character’s appearance in the Ultraman Tiga series in the 90s.  Evil Tiga stands a little over 6 inches tall and has 40 points of articulation.  The articulation here isn’t quite as good as it is on the others.  In particular it can be difficult to get his legs to line up properly.  However, given that this figure was released a while before the others I’ve looked at, I’m willing to give him a bit of a pass.  The sculpt on Evil Tiga is pretty much on par with the rest of the line, though he seems to be a little bit rougher than some of the others.  I’m once again going to give him a pass, given when he was released.  The paint on the figure isn’t bad.  There’s a little bit of slop here and there, but nothing so bad as to ruin the figure.  I did notice a few scuffs around the abdomen, but I think that might have to do with the tightness of the articulation in that area.  Like with the other figures in the Ultra-Act line, Evil Tiga has a decent selection of accessories, although it seems a bit lighter than some of the others.  He includes an alternate color timer, his “Evil Barrier”, his “Evil Shot”, and 8 hands: Fists, Karate chop, open gesture, and open wide.  The color timer is pretty much just like the others, a neat throw in with little practical use.  The Evil barrier is a cool piece, and can be swapped with the color timer with relative ease.  The Evil Shot is similar to the ultra-beam included with others, but this one slips over the wrist as opposed to being attached to a hand.  The hands are mostly the same as hands used on other Ultramen, with the exception of the “wide-open” hands, which allow for some cool “evil” poses.


Evil Tiga was purchased by me using a gift card I received from my Grandmother for Christmas.  Thanks Grandmother!  I mostly picked him up given his low price compared to other figures I was looking at, and the fact that I think he’s just got a really cool design.  At the lower price, I’m willing to forgive a lot of the smaller flaws the figure has and just enjoy him for the cool toy he is.  And he’s definitely a pretty cool toy!


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