#1110: Sgt. Brick Bazooka




Back in April, I looked at a pair of figures from Small Soldiers, which is probably one of my favorite movies (I know, Ethan likes the movie about the action figures.  What a shock).  The figures in the movie, built by the legendary Stan Winston Studios, are really, really cool.  There was a tie-in toyline from Hasbro (who also helped design the on-screen figures), which don’t quite capture the awesomeness of their onscreen counterparts, and was sadly short-lived.  That being said, something is better than nothing, right.  Today, I’m taking a look at one of the villainous Commando Elite, Sgt. Brick Bazooka!


bazooka2Brick Bazooka was released in the first series of Small Soldiers figures from Hasbro.  Unlike Archer and Chip Hazard, this was Brick’s only figure in the line.  This figure is more or less captures his basic look from the film.  He’s about 6 1/2 inches tall and he has 5 points of articulation (well, technically he’s got 6, but one of those is tied directly into his action feature).  As I noted in the last two Small Soldiers reviews, the articulation on these guys is by far the most disappointing aspect. That we couldn’t even get elbows and knees is the worst part.  But, three figures in, I can kind of move on from it.  There’s two aspects of the sculpt: one good, and one sort of weird.  One the good side, from the front, the figure’s a pretty good representation of the “sculpt” from the movie.  He’s got the buzzcut and the super creepy grin down pat, and while he’s not a pitch-perfect recreation of the film design, he fits in well with the other figures in the line, which is really the most important thing.  So, about the weird.  You know how his name has Bazooka in it?  Well, apparently, that means he needs to actually turn into a really big gun.  Because toys or something.  Anyway, the gun swings forward from his back, with his head flipping through the torso, and…stuff.  It’s kinda weird.  I can’t say it adds much to the figure, and it means that he’s got this huge gun sticking off of his back even in normal mode.  It looks rather strange.  The paint work is pretty much on par with the other figures I’ve looked at.  It’s clean, it matches pretty well with the colors on the screen, and all-around looks like what you see in the movie.  There are a few missing details here and there (which was true with the others as well), and mine sort of beat up, but that’s understandable.  Brick was packed with two large guns and a missile for his chest-gun-thingy.


When I was growing up, I didn’t have a Brick Bazooka figure, but my cousin Rusty did, and I was always a bit envious of that, because I thought he was a really cool figure.  For whatever reason, Bazooka’s one of the rarer Small Soldiers on the after market, so I didn’t see one for a good long while.  Brick ended up being a birthday gift from my parents, who picked him up for me from 2nd Chance Toyz.  This guy’s really goofy, and totally a product of the ‘90s, but that’s kind of what I’m about.


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