#1969: Genis-Vell



Born of a Titanian Eternal, Genis-Vell possesses indomitable strength and uses powerful Nega-Bands to channel incredible energy blasts!”

Marvel has a thing for legacy, and the mantle of Captain Marvel is perhaps one of the most premiere examples of this.  Amusingly enough, the third person to hold the title, Genis-Vell, began his career actually named “Legacy.”  Genis was an interesting exploration of the whole concept, biologically the son of Mar-Vell, but created through engineering, rather than the old-fashioned way.  After inheriting the title in the ’90s, Genis was front and center for a little while, but by the mid-00s, he’d kind of fallen out of fashion again, and was ultimately dispatched by Baron Zemo in Thunderbolts.  Oh how the mighty had fallen.  But, with the Captain Marvel name getting a boost, it seems poor Genis has not been totally forgotten, and he’s received some Legends treatment, courtesy of Hasbro!


Genis-Vell is figure 6 in the Kree Sentry Series of Marvel Legends.  He is the second of the two comic-based figures in the set, but hey, at least he’s actually Captain Marvel-themed…what with being Captain Marvel and all.  Of course, he’s just titled “Genis-Vell” with no mention of holding the title, likely to avoid any brand confusion for people just coming in to the character with the movie.  The figure stands 6 1/2 inches tall and he has 32 points of articulation.  Genis is seen here in his Kree-inspired get-up from the second half of his solo run.  It’s a cool design.  Not *my* personal choice, as I’m partial to his Mar-Vell-inspired costume, but that one was already released by Toy Biz back in the day, so I can understand Hasbro wanting to do something different.  Of course, it does mean that with this figure and Yon-Rogg, we ended up with two kind of similar looking figures in the set, but that was sort of inevitable no matter which way you took him.  The figure is built on the Reaper body (just like Grey Gargoyle, meaning both comic figures in this set are on the same base body), with a new head, shoulder-pads, shoulder strap, holster, and Nega-Bands. The new parts are decent enough.  The head sits a little high on the neck, but with the helmet it’s not super noticeable.  I foresee those Nega-Bands turning up again in the future, especially if Hasbro wants to give us a Mar-Vell update at some point.  Genis’s paintwork is actually a lot like Grey Gargoyle’s, in that the coolest bits aren’t actually painted.  The starfield effect is achieved through flecks of metallic plastic being molded throughout, and it looks quite nice, especially when lit.  The metallic green they’ve gone with is a shade on the dark side, which does mean it blends in a bit with the black of the body.  I think the figure would be a little more striking with a brighter green, allowing those details to stand out a little more.  Of course, the green sections not standing out is kind of a common issue for this design, even in 2D.  Genis is packed with a small gold blaster, as well as the Kree Sentry’s left leg.


I never much followed Genis in his solo exploits, but I liked him in Avengers Forever, so I was definitely hoping to see him show up here.  Of course, this costume wouldn’t have been my first choice (like I said, I never followed his solo exploits), but it makes for a decent toy, I suppose.  Like Gargoyle, this figure is well-executed and a solid addition to the line-up.  That said, I’m still pulling for a pre-crazy Genis at some point.  In the mean time, this one will have to keep my Songbird company.

Genis hails from my friends at All Time Toys.  He’s actually the one figure in the set that they’re currently sold out of, but they still have all the rest.  And, if you’re looking for other toys both old and new, please check out their website and their eBay storefront.

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