#1478: Vision & Abomination



Yesterday, I reviewed some Minimates.  How about some more Minimates?  That sound okay to you guys?  Ah, it doesn’t really matter; I’m reviewing the Minimates whether you like it or not.  What are you gonna do, stop reading?  Wait, wait, please don’t stop reading!  I didn’t mean it!  …I mean I sort of did…I’m still reviewing the Minimates, but genuinely hoping that doesn’t upset anyone…or something.  Without any further weirdness, here’s Vision and Abomination!


Vision and Abomination are from the sixth Walgreens-exclusive series of animated Marvel Minimates.  They join yesterday’s Black Bolt and Medusa in making up the Avengers Assemble portion of the series.


An artificial person designed by Ultron, the Vision draws his power from an Infinity Stone, and can adjust his mass from intangible to super-dense.”

This is far from the first time I’ve looked at a Vision Minimate.  In fact, of the 8 Vision Minimates out there, I’ve reviewed 7.  This one is rather similar to both the Age of Ultron and Civil War ‘mates, since the cartoon is really just using the same design as the movies.  The figure stands about 2 1/4 inches tall and has the standard 14 points of articulation.  Like the last two costumed Vision ‘mates, this guy’s just the standard ‘mate body, topped off with the DC Minimates Series 1 Superman cape.  Pretty standard stuff all-around.  The real difference here is the paintwork.  His line work is much simpler, cleaner, and a bit bolder, matching the show’s more streamlined design.  The colors are also a bit brighter, and in a rare instance for an animated ‘mate, they’re a little bit more exciting than the colors seen on the last two ‘mates.  Vision includes both the standard display stand and a flight stand, for those that want choices.


“Emil Blonsky wanted the power of the Hulk, so he subjected himself to massive gamma radiation bursts, becoming a super-strong monster.”

While Vision’s just been swimming in Minimates in the last few years, poor Emil here hasn’t been quite so lucky.  He got two ‘mates back in 2008, but nothing since.  And one of those was based on his movie appearance, which is pretty far removed from the typical Abomination design.  He was definitely in need of an update.  From DST’s perspective, this guy’s great because he’s also all re-used parts, taken mostly from the Ultimate Spider-Man incarnation of Green Goblin.  In their defense, all of the pieces work pretty amazingly well for Abomination.  In fact I like them more for Abomination than their original use, but that’s more a personal preference of design thing.  The paint work on Abomination is pretty solid work.  The colors feel a bit warmer than usual for this sub-line, which is certainly a plus in my book.  Abomination’s only extra is a display stand, which feels a little light, but I’m not sure what else he could have been given.


I grabbed this pair at the same time as Black Bolt and Medusa.  It was a bit of an impulse buy, truth be told.  I probably didn’t need this set.  Abomination’s never been a must-have for me, and I’ve got two Visions that look almost identical to this one.  But it was another Vision, and I’m all about Vision, no matter how minority different he may be.  And Abomination actually looked pretty cool.  And I was feeling kind of generous, so I got them.  It’s actually not a bad set.  Not the most exciting ever, but I liked it more than I’d initially expected to.

#0217: Emil Blonski & Abomination




Minimates, Minimates, what more can I say about Minimates? Not a whole lot honestly. They’re awesome, to be sure. Also, my favorite toyline, hands down. However, when you’ve done 58 reviews featuring them, you run out of things to say. I’ll think of something new at some point, I’m sure. Anyway, here’s another review from the truly massive Marvel Minimates line. It’s Emil Blonski and his later form the Abomination, from 2008’s The Incredible Hulk!


Blonski and the Abomination were released in series 22 of the Marvel Minimates line. The series was based around TIH film.


Blonski is based on the character’s “Hulkbuster” gear from the movie. The figure is built on the standard Minimate body, which translates to 14 points of articulation and a height of about 2 ½ inches. He has sculpted add-ons for his hair, torso/webgear, and watch. All of these pieces are new to Blonski, and they all look right for the character. The torso piece is a bit too bulky perhaps, but otherwise they look pretty good. Blonski’s paint is mostly just variations of black, which is a bit on the drab side. His face is a modest attempt at Tim Roth’s likeness, but he’s one of those people whose likeness is very dependent upon the nose. As it stands, he could equally pass for Edward Norton too, and they aren’t the most similar looking people. Blonksi includes a pair of night vision googles and a sub -machine gun.


Abomination represents Blonski’s look from the end of the movie, after he’s injected himself with several rounds of supersoldier serum and gamma radiation. The figure is built on the base body, just like Blonski. He has the same articulation, but features special feat and a torso extender, which give him some additional height. In addition to the extender and the feet, Abomination also features clawed hands and a bulked up torso cover. The torso piece is new to the Abomination, but the hands are re-used from Series two’s Venom. The pieces work alright, but his arms and legs are very skinny in comparison to his torso, which makes him look slightly off. The paint work is a bit more interesting than Blonski, though he still suffers from being a bit drab. At least he has some nice detail work to give him some of Abomination’s proper skin texturing. Abomination also included a set of basic Minimate feet molded in the proper green color.


I was never super excited for these figures like I usually am with Minimates releases. I enjoyed the movie they were based on, but the designs are a bit bland. However, I participated in a contest to guess the line-ups for series 25 and 26(which ultimately became 28, but that’s a whole other thing…), and I ended up getting both line-ups almost spot on, which meant I won this series, as well as the preceding one based on Iron Man, and the boxed set based on Avengers #1. Getting things for free certainly does help to make them more enjoyable. They still aren’t amongst my favorite, but they aren’t terrible.